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  1. Developers like ID, 3D Realms, Epic... etc, that release "when its done" arent normal developers. They are very rich and do not have to rely on money from distributers to fund developement. Like 99 percent of developers dont have this luxury... and thats a big reason why those few companies release better games and are able to provide endless patches... ... if that makes any sense ... But I think Obsidian did a good job on this title... I just hope NWN2 isnt rushed. The Infamous Tonberry will return!
  2. I never patched Kotor 1 ... and only had a lightsaber turning bulky green glitch. Everything else I never noticed any problems at all! GeForcefx 5200 Amd AthlonXP Kotor 2 on the other hand... I only get scripting errors. Where conversations loop awkwardly (ie lady quits pazzak forever but bug allows you to loop to a challenge) Other then small script bugs and some design shortcommings like lack of npc speech... I got no problems with the game. ALSO: I read about the BUG where your party turns all evil if you play as good... so Ive been playing as a Dark Jedi.
  3. I remember Kotor1 always had this lightsaber glitch where the beam would always become bulky and green... and sometimes the landscape would turn red... for Geforce Cards... Im glad they fixed this bug... it was sooo annoying.
  4. Although I understand the property issues involved.... ie game engine owned by bioware... franchise licenced by Lucas Arts... made by Obsidian.... Im just wondering if theres going to be some development tools released to the public like Neverwinter Nights?... this would allow us to fix some of the scripting errors ourselves... unoffically. ... and maybe wait for a patch to fix that Space Suit animation bug... and those ATI problems...
  5. So I am sitting here, having just bought the game and barely successfully installed it. (Typos in the Install programs "Next Disk" dialog pathname "D:" needs to be "D:\" etc) Havent even played and theres errors... I decided to see if there was a patch... just in case. I come here and I see all these bugs, my first thought is... ive made a mistake and I should return the game to EB tommorow for WoW or something. I can feel for the company tho... tech support IS A NIGHTMARE. I am wondering what sort of problems are Nvidia users having? From what I have seen anytime someone here mentions a video card its ATI... I suppose all those scripting errors are for everyone... So whats a typical experience for an Nvidia User? Any Tips?
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