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  1. would they be able to licensce the oblivion engine for use..coz if they are able to impliment that engine and make a kotor game as well...that would be SO killer
  2. they should redo kotor 2 fix it up ..give it a bit of elbow grease..do the same with the first game ..and release a special edition version of both with bug fixes d/l supported etc..it would be cool
  3. LA obviously didnt care about the fans this time around..just themselves and the money they could make from kotor II this xmas...if they had jus left the release date till february they would probably still have the same sales figures...and the game would be more polished than it is... i have 2 words for LA.."**** You!"
  4. well seeing as how the international version is still 2 months off..hopefully the remaining dev's will put some work into fixing some of the bugs and stuf in the xbox version nd adequately port it over to the pc and maybe offer a patch for the pc version if they cant fix the bugs..
  5. couldnt they use the engine thats been developed for elders scroll oblivion..that game looks so sweet..if a kotor used that engine i'd imagine it would be a killer game
  6. id like the next kotor game to be based on the engine being used for elders Scroll 4 : Oblivion..that game looks INCREDIBLE! a kotor game with those kind of graphics would be awesome..but i doubt it would happen
  7. courtesy of CirrusStrafe of gamefaqs for a kotor III co-operation between bioware&obsidian http://www.petitiononline.com/012387/petition.html join the revolution...oops.. i mean SIGH THE PETITON! and remember to sign here as well so it keeps the topic bumped for everybody to read
  8. im not sure..i havent seen one on any sites..there will probably be an abundance of guides and stuff given enough time...oh and bob would you mind sending me some details about armour and robes from the guide..as im making an armour database and havent got the guide and i am in need of help...if you want to help put the guide together just PM me the details on a few armour and robes and il start putting them into the list.....
  9. hey all..im new here and am looking for some people to help me with a armour database project im doing ..if you wish to help..great!..all you need to do is give the name of the armour/robes their class(heavy,light etc) how much it cost you..or where you found it..and the breif decription the game gives it....thanks in advance for the help........i will remember to list you in the guide as contriubutors
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