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  1. Threads 1 and 2 have become unweildy insize, so this thread has been started. The other two threads have been locked. If there are questions that didn't get answered from there, please feel free to restate them, or link the old question to this thread. EDIT: due to requests, here are links to the other two threads: Questions to the Devs, Post them here Questions the the Devs - Take 2, Questions to the Devs
  2. if you go into "my assistant" you can see your last 10 posts, and go to the thread to see who responded to it.
  3. looking into custom titles other than "level 1", etc. and since I hadn't seen the titles get implemented and then disappear I have a feeling it is something with the software. There are other things that became tweaked when we upgraded.
  4. yes, we can turn it on and off. The idea of a sticky reminding people that there are more forums than just this one for suggestions, but experience tells me that those who would read the sticky aren't the ones who are putting suggestions for NWN's and KotOR here instead of in those forums. Even after the KotOR forums were set into place, and people were still posting things about KotOR here, I received complaints as the threads were moved, because people thought they were deleted, since I didn't leave the shadow topics. - esseintially it is a case of damned if I do, and damned if I don't.
  5. the "official" date that I'm hearing is still "winter 2004", but I have seen on Lucas Arts website that they are starting to say "February 2005". - as usual take dates with a grain of salt until they show up on the shelves.
  6. People who tend to post items for games we have forums for, dont tend to read the stickies anyway. some of the comments that I see, although they fit NWN's, they are generic enough for pretty much any game. The ones that I see which are specific for a game the moderators do try to move fairly quickly.
  7. When the boards upgraded, I started having problems with Netscape, but only from home, not from work - the page wouldn't load at all. I will need to check on it tonight to see if those problems have been cleared up. We (those people who use netscape) might need to do some troubleshooting to see what the problem is with the program in connection with the new version of the boards.
  8. Is this still a problem? It might have been a little glitch with the upgrade/moving. If it does continue, let us know.
  9. The OFFICIAL word on the release is "Winter 2004". The dates that stores get often aren't accurate, but rather something they can use to help get sales, and help to narrow timing down. Often games aren't distributed on the date that stores have.
  10. soon... very soon we should see something. - or maybe longer, but definanetely before christmas.
  11. There are pro's and con's to releasing demos. The choice in this case won't be Obsidian's but more likely will be Lucas Art's opinion.
  12. If this thread doesn't get back on track, it will get closed. remember, this is about Bastila.
  13. The thought of the thread was nice, and we have had others which didn't go downhill as quickly. thread closed due to derailment into a different country.
  14. ^ yes, but can you make a CRPG as fun as a PnP counterpart?
  15. I don't beleive we can set a limit on the size using the software. We do however, ask people to make sigs smaller when we see them. If you see images that are too big in sig's, or even too much text, then message one of the mods. We try to see everything, but sometimes we miss things.
  16. I saw 4 or 5 of them hit the boards today, and I'm sure there were others when who came on when I had my back turned. Believe me, they are still around, they are still reading the boards. They just don't respond to everything on the boards. But they are keeping track of comments and suggestions.
  17. This thread really belongs on bio's boards. however, since we have quite a few people who might be interested, these threads about AE are currently staying. But, if I start getting complaints about the trolling and flaming going on in these threads, they will cease to exist.
  18. This thread started with someone having ideas. Those ideas obviously weren't expressed well for many of the posters here, but the comments in response not only were uncalled for, but shouldn't have made it on these boards. I have cleaned up this thread the best I could to get back to the orinial thought, since there are some people who were responding to that even after the trolling started. I also realize that the thread started getting derailed again by people who felt they needed to state their case in how this thread was treated, in addition to those who posted in it. If you wish to continue those conversations, take them private, or at the very least take them into OT. Many good point were brought up, though I deleted them, about how posters act, how they think they act and how others perceive them. Here is a bit of advice for all. The Dev's do read these boards. All levels of devs. If you want them to continue to read these boards, then don't clog it up with bickering, trolling and mud slinging. The Dev's don't have the time to read though all that. I will admit that sometimes the comments are funny, the fights well orchestrated, but really, the Dev's have better things to do than to go through pages of rolled eyes and posters calling each other names. If this isn't a dev frriendly admosphere, then there is no reason for a company to support the boards, and you might as well just go back to the fan boards.
  19. I recall seeing somewhere Avellone making a comment that they would do this. I haven't seen the diary's yet though.
  20. rofl.... I hadn't thought of that, but yes I can see the logic there. In this case, it is more that I have been getting errors today when trying to use it, so I wanted to know if it was operator error, browser error, ISP error or something closer to the boards themselves.
  21. is anyone having problems with the search feature?
  22. depends on your provider. Many will bounce any messages once you get a full box.
  23. If you have a "bulk" option in your email program, check there for the registration messages. some programs seem to filter the emails right into there.
  24. on these boards it isn't as much of a deal, as it says when you are in that control. At the moment, the boards aren't allowing me to alter either, so it might be more than just the type.
  25. no. In his profile he said that he was bored and decided to go after me.
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