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  1. I had a problem responding to this message, so it might be that the boards are having hickups.... not a good sign. I can get into the area that you are showing, and see that others have posted there since you posted this. If the problem continues, please let us know.
  2. This was discussed before the forums were set up. The reason for the seperation is that it is quite likely that people will talk about the game and story line without wanting to know the spoilers of how to deal with the areas. -- things like character generation and discussions on the TRUE Mandalore, etc. People are getting the game right now, so that is likely that for the next week the forums will be quieter. I will admit that I was confused when I looked tonight and saw that in addtion to the seperation of storyline and spoilers, that there are forums set up for xbox and one for pc.... when I had expected the seperation at the level of spoilers. The other thing that had been discussed was the idea of having "general" and "storyline" as the same forum. I would expect "general" to get much slower, even after people are back. The other thing is that posters have been saying that they want a seperate forum for the XBoxers and for the PCers.
  3. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done to on the board side as to an ability to limit the height of sigs. Not that we know of at any rate. The mods have been pming people who have tall images, and asking them to make the image smaller. Sargallath: since you posted in this thread, please make your sig image smaller. The rule of thumb is 5 lines high.
  4. To keep the size of the threads to a manageable length, and ensure that the dev
  5. Awareness in K2 Beyond KOTOR 2 Character List Choices at Beginning of K2 New Cast of Companions, Why we didn't use the K1 cast. Echani, Little to work with, but expanded for K2 Force Sight Influence The Lightsaber Mira and Grenades and Rockets Returning Companions and Levels Romance, Love Stinks, but not for you Security Skill Wookiees
  6. think, think, think. I believe you can either pocket it and leave, or you can give it back. this is one of the questions if you are playing the light and dark game on the site.
  7. When the game comes out. Possibly a day or two before.
  8. I thought this had been answered. There will be an X-Box spoilers forum. Though, no it won't be for the USA only. Ok, so for the first couple months, but that won't last.
  9. This thread has been chopped to allow for new items to not get lost. the old thread is here for anyone who wants to refer to it. The main thing that should be pointed out, and has been questioned from this FAQ is that the US X-Box release is in December, everyone else has to wait until February 2005 for the official releases.
  10. this has been split off as it was getting unweildy, and some things have been modified.
  11. true. the best the admin can do is give everyone the tools to make it so that spoilers aren't there for people to stumble on unknowingly. The rest takes the intelligence of the posters to use them correctly.
  12. You are right of course. I was thinking more of needing to scroll through massive amounts of threads. There is always someone who posts in the wrong fora and for varying reasons. Hopefully, this will be minimal. I doubt it though.
  13. that might be for the PC game. I don't remember the "official" release, but I do remember it being in February.
  14. considering the game isn't out yet, doing a bugs/troubleshooting forum is a bit premature. at this point it would just lend itself to spamming. the idea of a difference between having a general discussion and a storyline fora at this point is also a bit early. as the general discussion fora would be relegated to spam, or would be more about other games and the other movies, which actually have nothing to do with Obsidian or "the Sith Lords" We do know that we need more forums, and have considered that and when the best time to put those up is. when the game comes out, believe me, you wont have to go through spoilers of the game in order to just have general discussions about the game.
  15. Guess not <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm pretty sure there are multiple options for romances, both for males and females.
  16. when the game is out, there will be another forum for spoilers, and one for technical issues. Those forums might be up a few days before the official date of the game going public. at that point we, the moderators, will also end up moving threads which are spoiler in nature to the new fora.
  17. I think you were right with 10. There are only 9 slots. But the slot that Trask starts off with ends up being used by someone else - Candy I think.
  18. I'm sure that people will use it, as I see this kind of a function requested from time to time.
  19. They wanted to work on Jade Empire - their own game, and so suggested Obsidian to work on KotOR2.
  20. Obsidian isn't the publisher. I think it is safe to say that the publisher of any subsequent games will be LA. the question really should be who people want as a dev, not publisher.
  21. Will the choices that I made in KOTOR influence KOTOR 2? Yes. Early in the game, conversations will take place in which you will instruct the game, the outcome of your choices in the first game. The game will recognize this and will make the necessary changes in the dialogue/story line. Will I see any old characters from the first game? Yes. most old characters from the old game will be seen/mentioned if either alive or dead. However don
  22. It may be that Malak didn't think Dantooine was important enough to worry about. He didn't realize that Revan was alive until someone pointed it out to him. And by then you had already left. I'm not sure why it took him so long though after he found out. I'm guessing that Calo helped him with the lightbulb going off. I will admit that I didn't try to go back to Dantooine after killing Calo. I'll need to check that the next run through.
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