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  1. I think the Guildmaster is trying to make sure that everything works on this skin first. Fionavar and I have already noticed problems with various web clients. I still have a few more to look at, and if we put more skins on, it will be after we make sure that everyone sees the same screen to begin with.
  2. I think the reason something like this would be wanted, needed, is for those who follow what the dev's are talking about, and want to try to be up on what is actually going on, as opposed to what the latest gossip is about something. This could definatly be helpful when we get to the point of a game first being released, or even when tidbits are being released, as often they get lost in the crowd.
  3. It may be DUH, but it also sounds like you thought before you wrote, or at least before you submitted. The ideas that you have put into place are good ones, and the nice thing about the crew at Obsidian is that many of the guys there are honest to goodness gamers.
  4. The mods who are currently in place were chosen on Friday, well before the threads about who the users felt should be mods even started.
  5. If we went around locking every thread which we know whould never be true, there wouldn't be many threads unlocked at this moment. This thread is a fun thread, even if the main topic isn't something that the victims... er, suggested users feel would never come to pass. With the current state of where the upcoming news is, I'm sure that everyone would agree that at least threads like this, while still on topic, are better than absolutely nothing.
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