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  1. I'll admit I haven't finished the first game yet. However, Canderous has told my character that he doesn't feel he is a Mandalorian anymore, and after this he doesn't know what he is going to do. - so unless something drastically changes when I get into the temple or when I subsequently get to the Star Forge.... I don't see as how Canderous can be The Mandalore. - I also don't see "the Mandalore" being a joinable pc unless it is really really late in the game. I do think that Canderous being a joinable pc would be a great thing. I like listening to his war stories. Even Jolee had left the jedi when he was a padawan and not a master - so he was relatively low in levels.
  2. you can fight them, you can try to cleanse them, you can revel in them and move farther to the dark side. there is also a choice. (or at least there was in the demo, that could have changed)
  3. because the guildmaster decided to make the avitars from inhouse 90X90, and the custom avitars a smaller size.
  4. Also keep in mind that what you are hearing about and what you see on your computer may be different as comments and reality do not necessarily coincide.
  5. because that is what the guildmaster decided to do.
  6. some of the polls, though annoying, do seem to have to have to do with the game. it is the polls which are really nothing more that come from being bored which need to go. I will admit that some polls under normal circumstances would be just normal threads, but adding names or options shouldn't change the thread or make them any more annoying than regular threads. The idea of not necessarily closing down the suggestions forum, because that will probably change slightly in posts, but of adding the new forums - however, that would just lead to more spam at this point in time.
  7. no, it means that the new ones are 90X90. -- offsite are still restricted.
  8. I think the web site is great no matter what the album ends up being.
  9. It won't happen. There have been other threads on this subject, and The Guildmaster has already said in one of those threads that the size of avitars won't be increased.
  10. The idea of being able to access areas by registering your CD key has been discussed, and talked about before. The problem is that it costs time and money to be able to create the database to be able to authorize the CD keys. - so it is currently on the future project list. Some companies will put the manuals up online after the game has been out for a length of time, like 6 months to a year. The other thing that I have seen companies do is to put the manual on the CD in addition to giving you a paper one.
  11. Do you know which article that was on? I don't recall seeing any dragons, but I have seen a lot of mortal combat banners on articles for KotOR2, I think I have seen other flash banners also.
  12. I have been asking about this, and have been told that the req's are pretty much the same as the first game. - This could change, and I have seen it change before a game comes out, but right now, if you can play the first, you shouldn't have a problem with the second.
  13. Since you still seem to be on track, I haven't closed the thread yet, however, on monday, it (and any other bashing threads regarding the release date) will be locked if not magically disappear. keep it civil and the threads will last that long.
  14. To keep the size of the threads to a manageable length, and ensure that the dev
  15. The simple answer is that it is the season, and the year asscoiated with it is the year the season starts. as far as why companies use this system... I don't know. maybe because if you said "winter 2005" people would wonder if that means Jan-Feb or December. but then I have never understood why the calendar splits the seasons either.
  16. This to me is often the best part of the games. I'm pretty sure that the dev's know it, and I will be very upset if they don't have areas where we can go, do stuff, and not have it affect the game if we decide to pass.
  17. you can search by individual forums, groups of fora (ie all the SW fora) or by everyplace. it is just laid out differently from vbulletin (which is what the other boards are), but you can click for fora you want to seach here also.
  18. the only thing I've seen so far is that it is to be published by Atari. Which leads me to wonder who is actually developing the game. Is Atari even doing inhouse developing anymore?
  19. Hydrogen


    levels have to do with how many posts you have. I don't recall what the numbers are for each level.
  20. the people at Obsidian, have had a good working relationship with Bio for many years. Bio is being nice enough to help get them work, so the company can get off the ground. There are definately worse companies to be aligned with.
  21. We can't limit the size by the program, so it tends to be up to the people being good, or the moderators requesting people shrink their sig images. Sometimes people are willing to do this, but many of the responses I get have to do with the fact that the user doesn't know how to. Often times the user will find a different sig, but sometimes they are really attached to the one they found.
  22. it isn't a stupid religious calendar, it is a stupid business and marketing calendar actually. the bottom line is the same either way.
  23. That must be why they were/are planning a release in February, that way, people don't miss finals, just the first month or so of the new semester.
  24. well, yeah... Winter 2004. which unfortunately can extend to March 2005. the date that I keep hearing from Lucas is either "Winter" or "February" - though there are rumors running on these boards, and probably others, that the game is due out the beginning of December. the February might be a "safe date", which is why there are differences in when people think the game will be released. Also the distributor has as much say in when the game is released as the publisher in many cases, so again, the safe date is important.
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