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  1. Tiefling, I think. The same race that Annah was in PS:T. I played in Aasimar in my playthrough of NWN2, and because I skipped a lot of sidequests in the middle and end, was only halfway to 20 before the game ended. <_< I hope none of those are spoilers. Though I guess saying that I actually liked NWN2 a fair deal is. This is my honest opinion, and I'll probably get chewed out for it (and I'm sure some of these whippersnappers who have never seen me post before will point and go HAHAHAHAHAH N00B!) but I actually like linear stories more than these newfangled free-form games. Seeing
  2. When I read about it I cried. They should just get some of the polite, unbiased players to moderate the forums and hand out official answers. That's what I'd do. Limited mod powers for all! Hazzah! Please don't close. . .the forums, Obsidian. I love you.
  3. You never know. I don't think anyone expected the "Farscape" petition to work. Yet it did. In a way.
  4. It's at the top. It should be one of the buttons that has a person with two people behind him. I'll try to get a screenshot up. No promises.
  5. My female PC ran around naked with a naked Atton and Disciple following her. They shouldn't have made that possible.
  6. I think I'm the only one still using IE here. Old habits die hard. The team I've been working with lately isn't very happy I'm still using IE. Heh. <_<
  7. That's on the current playthrough, too. The talking with Hanharr was interesting. He helped me kill the gand that ran in after me. And then my Jedi choked and had Force Breath given to her again. No idea what's going on there. When I was watching the exile make her way through her flashback (where the council is all "grr, out you go!") she was wearing the same robes that she wears in the flashback. All the robes poofed from her inventory and she magically became naked. It was, ah, odd. I give up with the attatchment.
  8. My quarter, the only money I currently have, says KOTOR3 or BG3 (yah right). However, I'd like Obs. to do their own thing - maybe make an RPG that's either Sci-Fi or historical or historical fantasy. Mmm. It tastes like not following the fantasy trend.
  9. But in that picture, she actually has no eyes. She's the thing nightmares are made from - in the game, she looks something like my mom (so sorry, mum!) but in that picture, she looks. . . like a deformed old woman without any eyes who sleeps with sleeps-with-vibroblades.
  10. I've heard that you can quickly grab it before the screen FTB after killing her. I think that getting it back depended on what you said to her about the Mandalorian Wars and was cut before the end. Sigh. However, with high INT and Awareness, a "revelation" about Atris can be made before the end. Having a high wis may also be interesting. You can also try to persuade handmaiden to show you Atris' junk, but I always fail those persuade checks.
  11. Mother of. . .! She is old, she is ugly, and she has no eyes.
  12. But Kreia?! *shudder* It's bad enough for Mission, she was like 13 years old, but Kreia?!?! My brain. Just broke. Argh.
  13. It's a big galaxy; presumably there'd be more burried. I know that on a lot of Star Wars muds the excuse is that there's holocrons of the sith masters burried on tattooine. My god. Most useless information ever.
  14. About Redemption? Huh? I guess all that killing, betrayal and lying was great for my Karma after stopping the Mandalorians from destroying the galaxy :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Last time I checked KOTOR1 didn't happen during the Mandalorian wars. Also, last time I checked Malak wasn't a mandalorian. Maybe it was all just a dream. . .!
  15. The exile is taken to the medbay, drugged by HK-50, dragged to a cargo hold, and then freed by Kreia, possibly with the help of T3-M4 who has also been looking for the exile at the request of Revan because Revan trusts the exile because the exile is one of the brilliant tacticians of the era, and quite possibly the only one who can lead the troops against the True Sith Empire. Kreia's fall has to do with helping the exile discover her potential and making the exile whole once more so she will no longer be troubled by her past. Of course, Kreia charges the Jedi Council in blood for what they di
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