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  1. Use this as a guideline: everytime you post something and your signature is larger than your post, then your sig is too big and obnoxious for other readers. hmmmm.... I can just see people starting to write novels of nonsense just to make sure thier post is larger than their sig. As for any sigs in this thread. The ones that are written, I think are fine. The image - while nice, only becomes an issue when you get a thread with about 10 of those suckers on a single screen. But I don't think there is a rule against them. Petor, although Karzaks comment might seem out of line, you did ask for comments about your sig and Karzaks comment is something I hear quite often, not just on boards.
  2. Hopefully as the game gets closer to release the FAQ will make more sense. Certainly, once the game is released, the FAQ should make a lot more sense.
  3. thread moved due to the fact that it started talking about SW games the poster would like to see in the future. These games have nothing to do with SL.
  4. We are waiting for the software upgrade. Should be soon.
  5. If they change it won't be until after the boards are upgraded.
  6. Stop the personal attacks. BG2 can be played through rather quickly, same with BG. However, if you are thorough and do side quests etc, the game becomes a very good length. the replayablitiy of the game is also something that many games miss out on.
  7. I'm hoping that as we go farther into the game, we will have a forum for KotOR (and other SW related item) discussions which are unrelated to Sith Lords. Currently, there really isn't enough out about Sith Lords for it to rate two seperate fora for stuff related to KotOR or other SW discussions.
  8. The floors don't open until Wednesday (pacific time). Today I think there are lectues, but nothing is being shown to the press today.
  9. have you tried deleting the messages? also, do you have messages you sent?
  10. For now, send a pm to one of the moderators. We currently don't see all even though we do try.
  11. Sorry for the post drop on this thread. Lets keep it on topic.
  12. Has anyone else noticed the time stamps on posts being wrong?
  13. And there is no reason for the dev's to think about reading this forum. Topic closed.
  14. Brian, you did a great job on getting the job done. Keep up the good work!
  15. All comments about the game need to go in the forum about the game.
  16. Bio has taken years to attain the level they currently have. This doesn't mean we won't see that level, but it does mean that we probably won't see it in the next two months.
  17. Doesn't Interplay still own the world and the ruleset for Fallout?
  18. They can't say yet. I think they are still in negotiations.
  19. Although that might be a nice thing, it also constitutes as copyright infringement, and would get deleted just as the one from EGM did. If anyone sees the articles online from the publishers, feel free to link it here. - although I can't find the EGM with the correct article, from what I remember of seeing it, the two have many differences between the articles.
  20. I didn't delete you post, I moved it to the Delaware discussion forum. This thread is about job postings. PERIOD. this isn't about what games are in production. And in case you have missed many of the threads regarding the game. Obsidian can't say anything yet. There are two different magazines which have published articles about KOTOR2, but the good folks of Obsidian can't even remark on what is in those magazines.
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