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  1. The added help is going to be wonderful, and congrats on the promotion Fion.
  2. Not off the top of my head. It will also depend on who you go to work for, where the company is, and what they really want you to do.
  3. There will always been a need for writers, if for absolutely nothing else than the manuals and help screens.
  4. This is the right forum on these boards for this question. Because the guys that would know are more likely to look at threads in here than the other fora.
  5. Thread closed due to trolling, flaming, personal assaults, and general derailment throughout.
  6. I have definately been on more often than just last year. I have even closed threads in the past month. I rarely send messages to people when they use "report to moderator", but I do check out the issue. If I have a question as to why the thread was reported, then I will write to the person who has reported the thread. So, umm, has this topic been discussed fully or are we just going to add a few pages of derailment before Fionavar or myself closes the topic.
  7. Her target audience is 5th and 6th grade.
  8. This topic has been rather derailed and now is closed.
  9. Give it as least two weeks, and if during those two weeks you break down and take the bus a few days, make sure to walk longer than you currently are. This will help the muscles remember what they were suppose to do in the first place.
  10. Make sure you have a good handle on C++ then move onto another language like Java. It might not be the best for computer games, but it will give more flexability.
  11. SCiFi channel ran a SG-1 marathon yesterday and a SG-Atlantis marathon today. I am so unimpressed with SG-A that I'm not sure I can watch anymore. Maybe it will be better after another season, but I doubt it.
  12. Since it seems that people can't keep the conversation civil, at least not for very long, this thread is now officially closed. The whole thing is a great tragedy no matter what people feel they are fighting for, but getting personal on these boards about ones beliefs isn't going to make a bit of difference to the fight, though it might result in obsidian getting annoyed enough with people that they leave bugs in just to spite us - and I really don't want that.
  13. Please feel free to add to the ongoing discussion in regard to KotoR 3 here: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=35145
  14. Just because something is stickied doesn't mean that people will complain that they didn't see it. Often, people will ignore the stickies all together if they feel they already know what is in the stickies, or if they are too lazy to read someone elses post. This is also one reason for so many threads.
  15. True. But then with the other games, we have set up speculative fora within a month or so of first notifying posters of a new project in the works. It will happen anyway. It doesn't matter if there is a specific fora for the new game or not. -- if not, then those speculations will happen here. On the other hand, they really enjoy seeing the thoughts that people come up with on what the new game could be.
  16. Frontpage isn't freeware to the best of my knowledge. The other option for getting software is to check for places that provide academic prices on software. IF you are using them just for learning, then everything is fine. IF you are planning on using it to make money on the other hand, is a bigger problem.
  17. most hardcore web guru's that I know still use notepad to do most of their stuff, then they take it into a more expensive program when they are adding things like flash or slideshows, etc. I suggest working with your meagar skills first, check out some websites that have more codes than what you are use to. www.w3schools.com is a good place to get some tutorials on building websites.
  18. A lot of people don't read stickies anyway. With the people who are getting messages saying their post didn't go through, either they are reading the message wrong or they aren't giving it enough time. The other option is that there is a server glitch, though I haven't heard of any lately.
  19. There is another thread about this in the Starwars story forum. this thread closed.
  20. We try to go though as much as we can. the problem is that so many people can't seem to post spoilers in the spoilers area, but in the general area. People also don't limit posting spoilers for this game into the general forum for KOTOR, but post in the general forum for Obsidian. I have gone through before spent an hour or more moving spoilers, only to look again and see new ones.
  21. Chris: if you and the rest of the team that isn't mentioned don't get the award for Writing, then I hope you and the other chris' (not to mention Darren and Feargus) get the award for new studio at least. to everyone else... is there really much writing in the GTA:San Andreas game? I haven't played that one, but I was never impressed with the writing much on the other GTA games.
  22. and the physics classes can be helpful in the industry. I have found a lot of my computer science classes boring, because I kinda grew up in that atmosphere anyway, and know more than the teachers -- or if I don't, they don't know much more than I do and we can't do anything because of it. I have found a few teachers that are awesome, and I wish there were more classes I could take from them.
  23. thread moved to a more appropriate fora.
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