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  1. <3 Twinkie Yes, something more was supposed to show up today, but only at E3 we'll really know more, as far as I can tell.
  2. ScottE is onboard? wOOt! BEAM ME UP SCOTTE!!! P.s.: <3 Gizmo
  3. Indeed, or you might try the place I work for, we have a bunch too.
  4. Thanks to Ana Santos and the BGamer crew for allowing me to publish it, and MCA for being so cool.
  5. A community manager, that's ok. But is he a TYTE community manager?
  6. Have a great year folks, particularly Huggies, ScottE, Joshy, MCAee and Fergie And Starwars, of course
  7. Paraphrasing Dan Spitzley: So yeah, I would like to see ScottE working on a new Fallout game, or read some dialog by Huggies, his lines in van Buren are awesome, or poke Sawyer and Fergus a bit more ("That's not canon! You need more sleep!") , even if it was a handheld Fallout Advance: Tactics game, or a spiritual successor Bioshock style. But the reality is if they tried to make a RPG then it had to be a Next-Gen simplified game for consoles, since it's all everyone can do these days, and that is already covered. And Bethsoft will stick with the Fallout games for themselves an
  8. Eheheh no need to do that, it was funny though
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