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  1. good save. I will say that I like all the moderators, and enjoy working with them as a team.
  2. So, you are saying you like to play dress up huh? And I don't know if anyone else has noticed but this thread is rather derailed.
  3. When they PM you telling you to cut it out or else they will give you an official warning. Edit: Eldar beat me to the cut. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This does sum it up nicely though.
  4. I know that. Often they fear that if they see my name in a thread, that I mean to close it. Sometimes I just give strong hints to get back on topic though.
  5. I will admit that we give out more unofficial warnings than official ones, but sometimes those official ones are needed. Munchies are always welcome.
  6. No, because then you wouldn't have to post who your favorite was, you could just vote and no one would know who you voted for. Also, if you guys try to vote for yourselves, this way we know. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Last I knew we could only do one vote just like everyone else, so it really wouldn't have made much difference. This was can be more constructive though. - and amazingly I haven't seen the arguments in this thread that usually happen. He is on vacation. A very well deserved vacation imho. I have no idea. She fall off the fact of the earth last year after during hurricane season. Great choice!! I second that. When these boards started, I had decided not to participate much in the form of posting with everyone else. I do on occasion, but have seen bad things happen to good people when they think favorites are being played. If I don't participate in the OT talks much, then I can't be accused of anything. - also, with KotOR I got burnt out quickly, so i haven't posted in there much, though I still read. Seraphim was only with us for the first few months. I believe that between real life and problem children he realized that he didn't have the time he thought he did.
  7. Hope you feel better Kaftan, and good luck at school.
  8. If the thread isn't going to continue talking about age, I can always lock it... So what is it to be?
  9. Recently the border patrol stopped some mexicans and asked if they were citizens. When they said no, they were asked if they were here legally. They replied no. BP detained them, and they were set to go back to Mexico. A judge ruled that they needed to be released because the BP was profiling. The fact that they ask that question even of people who don't look Mexican doesn't matter. In an unrelated issue, the Mexican government says that it is the American Governments fault that people die crossing the desert to sneak into America. (w00t)
  10. If it keeps happening, just comment here. Hopefully, we can figure out what is going on. I looked at a note that I had from before when Fionavar and I were getting them at least once a day and we were told that the database passed all the tests.
  11. Please refer to one of the threads previously noted. Thread closed.
  12. Obsidian is aware of it. I know this because Fionavar and I have pointed it out to Admin. We both get it from time to time, but we have found that our posts go through even when we get it. Also, we tend to get that at strange times, so I don't think it is a peak hour thing. If other people are getting it, make sure to let us know. For a while, Fionavar and I thought it was only the mods who were getting that error. Also, I haven't noticed it to happen consistantly. If someone gets it everytime, then we probably have something else to look into.
  13. It was on TV, and nothing else was really on at that time.
  14. After watching the opening for BarbWire, I really wanted to watch Flash Dance again, but I didn't watch much more than her limping off the stage since she was missing a shoe. Sex has been said to sell in advertizing for years. Why do you think the Bikini teams sell beer? Sex in games isn't new. It was definately in pixelated games since 1990, but for some reason it is now seen as a terrible thing.
  15. On a K2 related forum? What are you, nuts? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> because LA is so tight with their properties, you need to go to their website to see the concept art.
  16. As I recall, you use the mouse to zoom in and zoom out as well as to move from one side to another. When using a roller ball it makes more sense to me than using a regular mouse.
  17. Really? Well, that takes quite a burden off! :D Speaking of which, I tried using a dicebot very recently on my recent venture through IRC although I can't get it to work. I installed it and everything into my channel, however, when I type "roll d6" or whatever in my own window the dicebot window doesn't carry on with the calculations... Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Is it in the channel with you so that it can see what you are rolling?
  18. thread cleaned out some. Back to the game
  19. how about we get back on topic about the game itself, and not go off on an argument of PC vs. console?
  20. Dave use to work for Black Isle and did some work for Obsidian. There was also a brief job in there but I think continueing it meant moving to Germany.
  21. Thead made it's saving throw, and won't be closed yet. Let's see if it can get back online though.
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