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  1. One thing I liked about romance in BG2 is that it was new... I also liked that I could take it or leave it. What I didn't like is that there was only one option for the women, but 3 for the men.
  2. You're right, let's just do the wordban thing. I don't know if I want a legitimate "Viagra_Cowboy" around. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agreed. I'm not sure that I want one of those around either. Hopefully the spambots will be gone soon. Kinda like an early Chirstmas present.
  3. I've enjoyed PC games more than console too... and pretty much for the same reason as Oracle.
  4. My guess is that even were that true, you aren't the one and only. -- except in my dreams of course.
  5. To be honest, some people kept old names, some people changed their names to something else - as a way of starting over, or they had moved from the user name they use to have anyway - and of course some people here are new and didn't have names on BIS boards, but have taken up a nick that was well known before . However, in addition to that, we have the situation also, of people coming here from other boards - user boards and company boards alike. And it isn't like any given user name can only have one user internet wide -- so this question is more like someone saying "There is a Mark who did yadda-yadda-yadda, are you that Mark?"
  6. Maybe saying that you have never used the name "Belladonna" would be more accurate. - since well, one and the other are the same plant.
  7. I'll agree to that. I also agree that often it is annoying to have to register your software. I have some that is equally annoying because you have a keycode for the game, and without the keycode you can't load the game...well, the game is no longer sold, and I can't find the keycode anymore. -- for those kinds of things it would be nice to have a generic code avail after the game is no longer marketed, or for that necessity to have an expiration date.
  8. For it to be hundreds of dollars, you either live in an area where public transport is very common, or you live a couple hours from school. Try checking with your school to see if there is a rideshare program before you give up everything. The other part of your question is if you can be hired as a dropout. I would tend to say yes, that you can, but remember that you are going against people who have completed college (and some who never went or dropped out). That means that you have to show them that you really want the job, have a great portfolio and have talents that they can't find in just any college graduate. My guess though is in the next tenish years, it will be harder to find jobs which require computer skills and yet no degree is required.
  9. I think that is two different things. The subscriptions to the forums shouldn't send you emails automatically with new messages. However, I have a problem (and I seem to be the only mod this happens with) that when I use the quick reply, I automatically get that thread added to my list of subscriptions. Other than that, when you do a reply, there are three boxes under the window where you type, the bottom one says "Enable email notification of replies?" and that should be unchecked (that box doesn't show for me on quick reply and is always automatically checked even with doing a regular reply)
  10. I think that someone needs to tell them that, because they don't seem to realize it either. amazing how lazy papers can be on checking facts.
  11. I admit I have no idea where they are with the game yet.. but it might be that we are not hearing because, in addition to them not being far enough into the game to be able to tell us anything, they might not be far enough to be able to tell us any more than we have heard. And while most of the guys there are wonderfully nice, and like to chat, some don't care to, as they haven't been around that atmostphere much. After the game is officially announced, then we can complain about not seeing him and wonder what is really going on. :D then again, on Aug 27th, he said that it would be a while before they could say anything. ... so maybe around E3.
  12. This thread is going due to the length of it. Please feel free to start anew.
  13. Currently, we are still open for business - and there is no word of closing the forums.
  14. Maxtor is good, but that drive is only 40 gig. IF you are using it as an add-on for gaming purposes (and have a few more slots for additional drives), that is fine, if you are going to use it as your main drive, you really need a larger one that that.
  15. gee, does that mean that everyone has to mind their manners for a while as a way of rebelling? One nice thing about being female on these boards, the lines are shorter. I agree though, that seeing SS leave the mod squad is saddening. I'm not sure what will happen yet as far as a replacement. I know how long it took last time when we started trying to think of people, so we will just have to see.
  16. I've seen a couple theories as to why this law has even passed, most of them are purely political. I doubt this board will be affected by it. But that doesn't mean the trolls get to run amuck either.
  17. If they keep the game itself a secret right now, then they don't have the people on the board telling them tha thtey are doing everything wrong even before they start it. :D Also, if they keep it a secret now, then there is less likelyhood of a competitor deciding that they want to make a game just like this one, and push harder to get it out, thereby undercutting some of the audience by making it seem that company A (who originally had the idea) is actually copying company B (who put more people on it and pushed it out the door faster)... they they wait, there is less likelyhood of that happening when the product goes to market.
  18. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we probably won't know exactly what it might be for a couple of months. They MIGHT show it at E3, but then again, showing NWN's would be a better bet.
  19. Having seen their offices... I think the better question is "What books are in your office" since many of the books end up on the floor in stead of on the bookshelf. Of course, they could have miraculously changed, and managed to get all their books on bookshelves every day, but I doubt it. :cool:
  20. so, do ya think that she might not tell you for a reason? "
  21. I'm going to close this down only because it is getting really long. Someone please feel free to restart the thread.
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