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  1. But if I unsubscribe I believe I can't post anymore (at least, when I first created an account I couldn't post in the KOTOR forums until I subscribed to them)?
  2. This doesn't have to do with KOTOR, but there's no tech-help forum. I keep getting email notifications to new topics in my subsribed forums. How do I turn that off?
  3. I've just been to Onderon for the second time to aid in the Talia-Vaklu conflict, but then I remembered (after finishing Onderon, of course ) that Disciple wanted to visit Telos and Onderon to examine the link between Dantooine/Telos/Onderon. Does taking the Disciple to Telos accomplish anything, or should I leave it be?
  4. Ha, tnx! Okay, a few more questions: - What's the preset order? (I haven't reached the point in the game yet where I can ask Kreia, so I'll try it when it's my time). - Are there any rewards (xp, influence) for asking it in the right order? Does the game simply register my friend as "having asked and gotten answers", even though he really didn't? And... - How do I open Dialog.TKL in wordpad (not computer savy, remember ). I opened Wordpad, and went to c/programfiles/lucasarts/kotorII, but couldn't find dialog.TKL anywhere.
  5. Hassat, he got the dialogue option but then exited the conversation and now it doesn't show anymore. The dialogue became available when he asked "do you know anything about the Sith hunting us", and Kreia answered. He still needs more influence to unlock "you trained Revan" that's true. But he must have enough influence for the Sion/Nihilus/Traya conversation, because otherwise it wouldn't have shown up in the first place.
  6. Neither the Sion nor the Traya/Nihilus dialogue options are still open. He didn't ask about any of them btw, he simply ended the conversation when the opportunity to ask about them came up because Aeon's FAQ mentions that you can only ask about 1 of them. He wanted to reload the conversation 3 times to get each story seperately, but now he can't ask about any of them. I checked the Gizka Team webpage and they don't have a fix fo it either, so I guess he'll have to reload. Bummer. Edit: I tried Anphrax' suggestion, but after going through all available dialogue options, I haven't touched on
  7. Well that last comment wasn't very helpful, but I'll try the first bit. He usually saves plenty, but he was on a roll and got caught up. It happens, you know.
  8. A friend of mine is playing KOTOR too. He got to the point where he could ask Kreia about the one who hungers, the one who betrays and the one who destroys (or something like that). He ended the conversation at that point, and when he reopened the conversation those dialogue options were gone. Is there a fix/patch for that? Otherwise he has to reload his last savegame before Kreia opened up, and that was way ago.
  9. I found an exploitable glitch, where you steer into a wall, forfeit the race right before the crash, and are declared the winner. But it doesn't seem to work (playing on PC). Has anyone else tried that glitch, and did it work?
  10. You can't turn any of the droids into a Jedi, but it will work with any of the humans. The trick is to get either >90 or <10 influence with them. If you have >90 they'll copy your allignment (i.e. Jedi if you're a Jedi), and if you have <10 they'll be the opposite allignment (i.e. Sith if you're a Jedi). Getting more than 90 with Candy is impossible if you're playing LS, since all the opportunities to gain influence with him are DS. And you don't get enough opportunities to lose influence to take you below 10, so the only way to turn him into a force-user (a Sith in this case)
  11. I wanted to edit my previous post but I can't. Is there a timelimit on editing? Anyways, what I wanted to add was: I googled and found the glitch, it has to do with repeating the "I thought about the destruction of Visas' homeworld" and "Visas did something to my eyes" dialogues. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work for me.
  12. I'd like to know about that glitch. I tried to gain influence with Kreia, but since I'm playing LS it's difficult. Then I discovered that losing enough influence has the same effect, so I've been doing that. But because of the positieve influence I've been able to scrape together before I decided to start losing influence in stead, I don't think I'll be able to make it to <10 before the end of the game. So if you found a glitch that allows me to rake up influence fast, I'd love to hear it!
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