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  1. Caelis! !! :joy: I've missed you, sweetie! I'm glad that you have been doing positive things to further your life. :D
  2. yeah, I was thinking that too. With all the race/hate going on in the US these days, I do wonder though how much of it might start from spam propoganda and then spin off to get worse and worse. I've come to realize that with most of the civil rights issues, that there is more incorrect info being spread around that correct info.
  3. I received this in an email the other day, and figured that I would see what others think of this. >Our granddaughter in California was turned down for a teaching job, >because she only had one yr. of Spanish. She got a job at a private >school. She now teaches in Rancho Cucamonga, second grade. > >Had an interesting conversation with a lady of Hispanic origin last >week. She told me that she planned to come down to St. Mary's and get a >job in Admissions (where I work). When I pointed out that we didn't >have any openings, she advised me that "soon" cur
  4. I think you are using memory and diskdrives interchangably. do you have 16 gig's of disk space or 16gigs of random access memory? how are you using photoshop without a video card? for that matter, how are you getting images on the screen without a video card? (I'm not talking high end, mega bucks video card, just any) Sorry, but I think part of the problem is terminology and what you are actually working with. I still think that a larger hard drive is the way to go. photoshop files can get large depending on how extensively you use the program.
  5. I'd suggest looking for something larger, even if you don't have a video card to play more advanced games on yet.
  6. I didn't realize there were mother boards on the market that supported that. As far as a hard drive. Seagate are really good and reliable. Most of the hard drives that I see now are about 160Gig. Seems like a lot, until you start using it.
  7. Magena


    Currently reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" well, actually, currently reading the boards. but the hard copy book I'm reading is "Tuesdays with Morrie" then again I'm also listening to "S is for Silence" ... not one of the best imho.
  8. Listening to Asia... heat of the moment to be exact on the song.
  9. ohhh.... look, new vic..erm, ummm, new people to play with. :D
  10. My fav food is strawberries. I am getting to a point more and more of not liking chocolate.
  11. or that you know how to party, depending on what school you went to. The sad thing is that more and more employeers are looking for that little piece of paper, which often has nothing to do with the type of job someone is performing.
  12. at least I know I will get mail from someone then.
  13. ya think??? I also figure that we have enough to whine about, since it seems like it will be forever until we see NWN's. If they announce the next game now, more than likely most people will loose the desire to play the newest game by the time it comes out, because they will have overanalyzed it, and been in more than a few fights with the devs.. and generally lost interest.
  14. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that many companies don't schedule enough time for QA, and many people who come out of college can't program correctely (this isn't against any of the people at the gaming companies that we all love, but from personal experience in school and from hearing hubby discsuss the wonderful programming that he sees and needs to fix). Many of us have also heard Josh go on about how one error gets fixed and many many others crop up... I've also heard some QA guys say that they live in feast or famine ways. They are either given a lot with a short
  15. If you think you qualify other than that, try for the position. Using the comment of a 4 year degree is often just something to help limit the number of people the companies have to sort through. But depending on the company, that isn't a big issue. Personality tends to actually be more likely to get you a job than a degree. Meaning that the personality fits in with the rest of the company. :D
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