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  1. Ah, brutal honesty. Above all, that is what I was looking for. But, "pathetic enthusiast"? Come on. The Jade Empire coffee mug comment was hilarious, however. Have to remember that one. Maybe it is just a pipe dream. A poor background, a series of dead-end jobs, no high level education. What am I thinking, that I somehow deserve a hand out, a "free ride", because a few good ideas popped into my head? I don't want charity, and I don't want sympathy. But don't call me a "pathetic enthusiast", okay? Because one day I'm gonna get my shot, my one chance, and my name will become synonymous with the term "greatest games". ...wait.
  2. Last night, after reading about Bioware's contest, I immediately went to WalMart and picked up a copy of NWN. Although I have a (semi) powerful PC, those types of games never really appealed to me. But now I plan on living in the city of Neverwinter (at least until the end of January).
  3. Just found this: http://www.bioware.com/biozone/articles/20...test/index.html Anyone interested should check it out. Oh, and thanks for everyone's input.
  4. Let me just add that it is complete and utter b.s. (I couldn't think of a synonym, so I thought I'd use the acronym) for a gifted individual who has been playing games for the better part of two decades to have his voice "lost in the din". I understand making games is a risky business. So a lot of developers take the easy road: "Halo sold well, so let's make an FPS." "Final Fantasy sold well, let's make an RPG." "GTA sold well, let's make a freeroaming game where you shoot civilians." Now, not every FPS is a Halo clone. But how many are? Project IM is still years from release and it's already being compared to Halo. I mean, come on. How about something different, something new? Huh?
  5. Ok, I'll bite. How did you find Shangri-La? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The same way I recommend to everyone who wants to get into the game industry: get a job in it, apply for everything. Chances are you won't be able to get a "real" development position with no experience, so take a job as a tester, as an intern, etc. Then work hard. Personally, I started out in QA. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, you started out in QA. Have you even been able to create your own IP? Were your ideas listened to?
  6. I understand your lack of enthusiasm. But if I was some pissant I wouldn't even have tried this avenue of approach. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didnt mean to sound hard but the way things look is that everyone and his grandmother has ideas. The world is swamped in ideas, especially the world of computer games. At your usual game studio, everyone from lead designer to QA man will have a whole cupboard full of ideas and plans for games and if they have that with their own employees, why would they bring in some stranger off the street? (not to mention that very few companies get to do IP's these days) If you just have ideas, then writing a novel or screenplay is probably a much better way to get to unleash them on the world <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know everybody has ideas. How else could we get quality games like Bulletproof or Advent Rising, or well written storylines like in Tales of Symphonia? (read: sarcasm) My ideas are better. We don't need more GTA clones or Halo clones, we need something original, something that will grab people, wake them up, excite them, games that make your heart race in anticipation and bring a tear to your eye at the end. And I don't think that's too much to ask. But you're telling me that even if I got a job in the industry my voice might be lost in the din?
  7. Ok, I'll bite. How did you find Shangri-La?
  8. I understand your lack of enthusiasm. But if I was some pissant I wouldn't even have tried this avenue of approach.
  9. I have great ideas for games. I've shared them with people and have gotten nothing but positive responses. Even my fianc
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