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  1. Closed due to thread derailment. If you want to start a new thread about Arcanum please feel free.
  2. ok, one last chance. Talk about the rumors that are going around, or the thread gets locked and futher rumor posters get deleted from any threads they creep into. EDIT: and no the rumors are not to discuss who in the movies might or might not be gay. They are about KOTOR3 only.
  3. Good for him. I'm hope he is happy there working on that game... and that he doesn't slow things down by over doing it like he did in IWD2.
  4. Rumors about KotOR. We know quite a few of the rumors about spam. and, if this thread doesn't work well, it will more likely be me that deletes it than Mr. Green Geekling (really, he isn't a dragon)
  5. This thead is started as a place for people to talk about the rumors concerning KotOR3 and all that that encompasses. There seem to be more rumors coming up than usual, and I have a feeling that will only get worse. Please feel free to discuss any rumors you see - make sure to link to where the rumors are coming from. Do not at any point make the comments personal. If they are, they will be deleted. Have fun!
  6. Actually, we have been talking about it. And have decided that we will start a rumor thread - but it will be in the computer and console forum. Chances are that there will be more rumors coming up in the near future and there have certainly been more that people think have been truth. Having a new thread will allow for posters to keep the suggestions thread closer to just being suggestions.
  7. I agree with Eldar that this thread should be used specifically for Ideas and Suggestions regarding KotOR3. There are potentially so many rumors, and I'm sure they will just expand exponentially, that to add them to this thread would cause the thread to no longer do what we had set it to do. Please keep the thread clean, or as clean as we can, and not cause it to be closed because more speculation is popping up.
  8. I guess that would be me, and then I can take it up with him - or he can take it up with me when he gets a warning for spamming too much.
  9. Sometimes you just have to speak with a different tongue ... as for IT ... IT was lost long ago in a distant land known as the Black Isle 41682074686520706F776572206F66204F6374616C206E6F772062726F7567687420746F20796F75 0696E20486578203A4400 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't realize these boards had turned into R rated boards. -- or would that only be if Fionavar told us tales of loosing "IT"?
  10. I tried to clean up the trolling, but realize that I think this is a lost cause. Thread closed. Topic can be reopened.
  11. Thanks! :D Pretty much. Though after the "jolly-merry-greet-all" is over, I will probably not be as visibly active as I have been this weekend.
  12. (w00t) you're going to add them more - why? I really can't see the reason, even now I can't go to one thread without a mod being there. With this amount of mods around and with your statment that you'll be recruiting more, this forum is becoming a 'police state', but I guess that's just a trend these days. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You don't need to worry, really. When I mentioned adding more mods, it has to do with the amount of traffic and the number of fora to go through. I don't think we will add more for the next year, probably more - unless we have mods leaving. But as Obsidian gets more work, and we see more releases, then we will have more fora and more traffic, and welll... that means more mods too.
  13. We're supposed to say something nice about you guys? *wonders if they have the ability to ban* " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, lets just say you aren't suppose to troll. Will that make it easier for you?
  14. ohhhh, it has been derailed. It just hasn't been closed. I figure that we should allow as many people as want to to say something (perferrably nice) about the moderators, and who they are now. This thread is also allowing the users to see more interaction by the moderators than they have in the past, and probably will again until we add more.
  15. Last I knew he wasn't feeling well, but then he said he was back, and that was the last post. I miss him too, and hope that everything with him is well. It is strange that we have lost a few moderators that way now.... wonder if the job is jinxed.
  16. I use to be on a lot more and more active, but burn out with some of the trolls, and so stopped posting in most threads, just read them and dealt with them as I needed. Guildmaster isn't exactly a moderator, more like the absolute head of the moderators guild. :D - he comes on from time to time... sometimes more often than others, and sometimes it seems not enough,
  17. Great, thanks! now I can't get that song out of my mind.
  18. Probable. There are quite a few people who used this particular Artis avatar. One of these days I probably need to change to something a bit more unique.
  19. Although the thread has to do with Denmark and Canada, please use English in your comments.
  20. Madam? I always thought Hydrogen was a dude. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've always been a Madam. (Not to be confused with being a Madame) I will admit that it is difficult to tell online what with so many transgender avitars, but the truth is out.
  21. You just realized that? I've never had a level other than "moderator" ... well, not other than the "level" I am now.
  22. No, treat them with the usual dignity that you usually would. On the other hand, you can always "accidently" hurt their characters if you feel like it. *oops*
  23. It is more like having coverage more consistant than it has been. This will also cause threads to be pruned quicker and/or closed/deleted before they get as far as they have been.
  24. Wow, if I had a quarter for evertime I heard that, I'd have almost enough to pay rent this month.
  25. awe, poor mkreku. Everyone has their burdens to bear, now we know one of yours.
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