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  1. I started getting texts yesterday at 9am to wish me a happy new years... now that it is 9am on the 1st here... I bid everyone else a HAPPY NEW YEAR
  2. I'm sure there are other things, but have you tried minimizing and then bringing the screen back up?
  3. Rostere, I hadn't heard of either.. thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Here it's raining - the dog doesn't even want to go out to do his business - ... so I guess it is a good time to actually do that homework I've been putting off.
  5. It isn't the tightly controlled reqs, per se, it is the tightly controlled number of people who are allowed to write for mac's. The ability to get the licenses is the hardest part as far as I know.
  6. There are a few reasons why games are rarely ported for Mac's. For Linux systems, most people I know use wine, and they can play games with little to no problems (that those on PC's don't have). However, I think that although the question of if there are enough people who would play a game on a MAC, and make it economical for the game companies, the bigger part is probably the fact that APPLE has always kept it's req's for software tightly controlled. That is one reason why in most cases there are few choices for any given type of program. - especially compared to those avail for linux or windows based computers. I've noticed some games will come out on mac a good year or more after they milk the windows market, but even those are far and few between. The latest craze is more for the systems though - Wii, xbox, etc.
  7. Sometimes, it is what is popular, not necessarily what others want that isn't popular. I'll agree though that WW2 feels old now, with how many games have inundated the market.
  8. ahh, the old opinion of any publicity is good publicity. It seems that really, a lot of games have been relegated to niche games. I'm not sure if this isn't on as many of the "general game" sites as it could be because atm this isn't where the market is being pushed. Chances are, if you give a bit more time... like two or three weeks, you'll start to see more as people who are more casual than "get the game, start the machine, don't eat or shower until the game is complete" crowd starts to post their comments. I'm also guessing then, because that way the people who think this would be great to get for friends, or want a copy for themselves (as they have been playing at a friends) can plump up their chirstmas wish list.
  9. **** their bestfriend. Unfortunately those never last.
  10. yes, but we can also delete our comments, so you dont' see half of our posts.
  11. I hadn't realized that it had been so long! wow, time flies when you are waiting for the next game. :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OBS
  12. I know the feeling, though I did that with myspace.
  13. just for your information, yes, you do have a dynamic IP. Personally, i haven't had the problem in the last few days. thanks, GM.
  14. Welcome to Obsidian, or more precisely to the boards... hope you stay for a long time! oh yeah, Alvin, that's it... corrupt him early.
  15. Lets keep the thread ontrack, and try to keep the spam out of it, including point it out in thread.
  16. That is true, they would make that, but chances are less than 1/4 of the companies on that list will actually pay for even 1 copy of the information. The pricing was probably figurd by a combination of how many they think they actually can sell, and what the market will bear as far as pricing. If the cost is too low, like $50, the significance of the document also goes down in value. I do think that Obs should have gotten higher, but there are also a lot of people out there, who have no clue to even the BIG boys, much less obsidian.
  17. Personally, I think they have been doing that for a while. I'm more wondering how long they wait for the new version to come out, before they decide who can do the new game. And for that matter, how long after they have offered the contract with the public at large be allowed to know the results?
  18. how about we get back to the topic of TSL restoration project, and away from personal attacks against each other.
  19. I think sometimes they do.. if for no other reason than to see if something might be worthy of playing
  20. I have a lot... have started quite a few only to leave them before finishing. Some of my favorites though are: Emporer: the middle kingdom Baulders Gate Baulders Gate II IWD (finished both 1 and 2) Arcanum Guild Wars Wizardry (I loved the original, but the later ones werent' bad)
  21. I cleaned out my inbox and moved all the messages that I want to keep into a folder.... I now have "-15 New Messages" --- but I also have 13% of my folders filled.
  22. Yes, games are very good. I'm glad that we had the art blog at all... it was fun to wander through it. Maybe it will pop up again during slow times with games *hint* *hint*
  23. I remember that one too. I thought it was great, becuase so often they two don't have as much in common as people like to think and generalize.
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