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  1. Boy! This died quick.
  2. I wonder if Obsidian would actually be interested in doing this?
  3. Maybe we should make a poll of this?
  4. Would like to play or at least try KOTOR 1 & 2. Have to search if they are possible on a Mac.
  5. Nope, we use recycling a lot, you've probably seen it before... Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I hadn't gone crazy in here.
  6. Did I miss something in here?????
  7. Maybe she not only uses her pen but her mouth to keep the old guy happy??
  8. I'd love to see not only The Darksun along with Spelljammer and Shadowrun. I would like to see Greyhawk and Dragonlance done as well. I miss my D&D days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Guess you have to pay money to him to see it?
  10. If nothing else, we at least said our peace. Weather or not Atari will budge on this is another matter. Though I think by banding together and getting our thoughts heard we could just make a difference. Granted it is a long shot. Though better than doing nothing, ne? Though I would think the best way is to directly write Atari and or visit them and state our idea and or thoughts. Calling would work if they would ever answer their phone.
  11. One more name to the bucket. Good luck.
  12. Well for a little while I am staying here in Japan until things cool down.
  13. LOL. Have to really laugh at all the doom going on around here by people that have 0 clue as to what is really happening but have a great number of people following them.
  14. Solo here. The Kanagawa area was spared the hardship that Sendai and the surrounding areas got. Though people have lost their minds here. It took me 2 days to get gas for my scooter that takes less than a minute to fill up. The first day I should say was delayed because of the rolling blackouts they are doing. Chiba and got rocked pretty good the other day. Will report more later.
  15. So NWN1 is a no go to you both? I wish I had an answer to the original poster of this thread. I guess they felt that NWN2 was good enough and since many community members were fixing things that saved them time and headaches that all must have been peachy for them.
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