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  1. Greece is now the test case. Iceland stiffed the European bankers by defaulting on its external debt. This has led to a revived economy, something that the media do not discuss in detail. Iceland has done better than Ireland, which capitulated to the EU and the European Central Bank. Iceland had this enormous advantage: it never joined the European Monetary Union. It now enjoys low rates on its bonds. This indicates that Greece can escape from the trap by pulling out of the EMU and defaulting on its external debt. This would send a message to Portugal and Spain: deliverance is available. Stiff the foreign creditors and abandon the euro. Iceland
  2. A Call For Resistance And Solidarity From Athens' Syntagma Square
  3. The first great lie is the easiest to dismiss, but the second is more nebulous, if no less nefarious. It
  4. A Modicum of Truth The first of these lies is the easiest to dismiss, even ridicule, by a mere statement of fact. Communist China has, for more than half a century, sustained a population of 1.3 billion people, albeit in humble, even perhaps impoverished condition. The significance of this achievement is too easily dismissed, perhaps not even appreciated by someone who owns a media empire and lives a disconnected life. However, when one comes to appreciate that this population represents a fifth of the total human population of the planet and is sustained with a level of consumption that is less than one tenth of the world
  5. Surely, every Century surely has its prominent lies, given that
  6. I AM NOT RUSSIAN, I am American but my descendants come from IRAN.
  7. In Fallujah last April, two Russian mercenary snipers killed 15 Delta Force members in one day... Just for lulz .
  8. Spetsnaz > Chechen Wahhabits > Gurkhas > U.S. Special Forces
  9. Spetsnaz - easily some of the toughest guys in the world and one of the best elite units overall. Russia for the win.
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