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  2. I accurately predicted the type of wall comments I'd see if I visited this profile.

  3. hi i'm a creepy internet male!

  4. Hi all! We hope everyone had a stupendous time gallivanting about town last night! Still have a hankering for some creative Halloween costumes? Wish you could have been here in the office to see what all your favorite Obsidianites dressed up as? Well fear not fine friends, for we took to the hallways with a camera to record Halloween '07 for you...Obsidian Style! Check out some fantastical costumes and find out just what the heck a Knirate is right HERE!! ENJOY!
  5. Wait, let me get this straight. A woman involved in game development and is on the internet? I'm in heaven!

  6. Greetings Obsidianites! Just a quick note to make sure you all remember to check out the very last Obsidian Art Challenge! Head on over to see how our fantastical artists have translated a given shape into their very own amazing artery: http://obsidianartchallenge.blogspot.com Be sure to send some shout outs to our wondrous artists before you go! Thank ye kindly!
  7. Computer people women get five stars.

  8. We are pleased to announce that v1.03.840 is now available for the French, German, Spanish and Italian versions of Neverwinter Nights 2. In addition to the fixes listed in the patch notes, the French and German versions include localized sound files for the NWN1 soundsets. To update, simply run the updater from the launcher (or manually by double-clicking NWUpdate.exe in the game directory) and click "Update". Happy Holidays from all of us at Obsidian!
  9. Heya Jorian! Watch for my impressive art skillz in this week's Obsidan Kid Art feature. I fear my artistic renderings are no match for such fantastical Obsidian artery! I do draw a mean stick figure santa though...so perhaps all is not lost! :D
  10. Leaping Lucha Libre! See the Obsidian Artists take on the famous Luchadore in this week
  11. In anticipation of Turkey Day our Obsidian Artists have imagined an all new take on the infamous Thanksgiving Hand Turkey! So head on over to the Obsidian Art Challenge to check out this week's festive entries: http://obsidianartchallenge.blogspot.com/ :D
  12. Nice work LC! Thanks for jazzing up the ol'Obsidian Forums!
  13. Ever wonder what your favorite vintage video game characters have been up to all these years? Well then head on over to the Obsidian Art Challenge to check out this week's installment and see your favorite vintage video game characters as imagined by our very own Obsidian Artists: Obsidian Art Challenge
  14. Want to know what the Obsidian Artists have to say on the subject of Mythological Beasts? Well then head on over to the Obsidian Art Challenge and feast your eyes on some mighty creative mythological creatures as seen by our very own art team! http://obsidianartchallenge.blogspot.com/
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