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  1. if it uses the game engine but isn't the game, then what do you think it is? You are being mean now So you are playing Good Mod/Bad Mod... It is easier to play when nothing serious is happening, though it does seem strange that I'm playing by myself. My thought on posting that comes from having read that post numreous times and I still couldn't figure out what he was actually saying.
  2. Placing an area is a thought. Do you think it would be better as part of the boards? or a seperate area on the website?
  3. Anyone know which month the EMG's article was from. I picked up the one for May, and didn't see the article in there. Is it in Junes mag?
  4. It would be nice if we got more than 20 pages of content and 80 of ads for our 8 bucks (canadian) So many of the magazines do that. I was amazed when I received my CGM that the article on KOTOR2 consisted of 8 solid pages about the game. I rarely see articles that long on anything in that magazine.
  5. Obsidian received a request that they be taken down because posting the scans is considered copyright infringement.
  6. Wouldn't it make sense for at least Lucas Arts to have announced KOTOR2 before KOTOR3 starts production?
  7. if it uses the game engine but isn't the game, then what do you think it is?
  8. Some of the artists already have their own websites to put art up on, and there will be links to art as the game goes on.
  9. Sometimes. and sometimes it is red, and others it is a nice rainbow color. Growing up, I had thought it was always red, because that is the color of most of the arrowheads that I would find.
  10. happy birthday, Feargus. wishes for getting all the candles blown out at ones are with you. :D
  11. if you feel you are being harrassed, that needs to be addressed. The mods are not here to harrass posters, and if that is happening, then something else needs to be done. In a case like that, placing a mod on ignore isn't going to solve the problem really without the mods/admin knowing that you are going to ignore the mod.
  12. Interesting idea - being able to ignore someone only in posts or only in pm's. Need to think on this.
  13. Funny thing about this request is that GM and I were discussing this topic just the other week. This is definately on our list of things to add to the boards. I believe that there is an ignore feature on the next version, but that version isn't out yet. I'm hoping that we will have the next version out before the games are announced and the real fights start.
  14. This being a question on most everyone
  15. I haven't heard anything about this. Can you explain a bit better? subscriptions for what exactly? specific fora? the boards overall?
  16. the company is privately owned. No stock traded.
  17. That would take the fun out of seeing what speculation is going on.
  18. Hydrogen


    I see this thread left and hadn't been unearthed from backups, so here again is the link: http://www.e3expo.com/e3expo/ (This thread is not meant to bash Interplay)
  19. It depends on the company you are working for, and the dev team you are working with. Sometimes the dev's like the feedback and will even encourage it.
  20. I have Myth for my Linux box which, at the time, cost much less than the PC version. The other thing is that many PC games work on Linux, with the help of the GUI, so that could be another reason for companies to not be as quick to jump on the bandwagon.
  21. Often the specs for requirements aren't released until the game is about ready for publication. These numbers can change as the game is being worked on.
  22. why? what was split from the thread? can we have a link to the parts that were removed? No. the flames were getting personal.
  23. Thread split due to the direction it was headed. Keep the comment civil, and don't make the flames personal.
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