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  1. it seems they are taking the casualities to hospital within double decker buses... and also abulances are not replying to calls unless they are of life threatning circumstances... how terrible
  2. lol those are some of the best games ever made mate... earthworm jim and decent.. just brilliant...
  3. lol yeah.. i mean what is interplay... hervy boy and some underpaid monkeys... weee....
  4. it appears as if interplay has aquired enough funding to once again provide a presence on the web .... Interplay of course.. the site is nothing more than the logo i used to adore as a child but hell... its a start no ?
  5. god wat an amazing game... i only just recently finished the game again... think i might give arcanum a try... i never really got passed the 3rd town i think it was... (does it get much better ?)
  6. ****ing **** ****ing ass ****ing toad eyeball ****ing monkey ear **** ****s ! i just played fallout 2 again... and literally just killed frank horrigan.. check NMA.. CREAM MY PANTS WITH EXCITEMENT .. and then i remember its April 1st.... Me thinks some hardcore fallout fan will probably go and **** up the person who did this prank lol.. and when he does i want screenshots
  7. it makes a lot of sense for them to do that... there is a lot of fallout/bis ppl at obsidian isnt there ? and i just like to see the obsidian lable of games.. not bethseda soft.. morrowind rules bullplop
  8. i remember playing the fallout junktown demo on my PC gamer disc ( i still have it somewhere :D ) where i later learned u could finish it in a few ways.. but i just went ahead and killed them all... so much fun it was great ! i had made the peasants day hehe... one gay thing tho... i thought i had to do the same thing in junktown in the real FO ... haha how wrong was i.. replayed it and it slowly became the best game i ever played soooo Fallout > Fallout 2 > Baldurs Gate 2 > Baldurs Gate.. you know its sounds right... ( because it is (w00t) )
  9. this is like a small group of morrowind fanboys having an absoloute session!!!... come now... admit it.. you all have boners and started playing the game for the 300th time right ?
  10. GEEEEEEKKKS !! ( CONGRATULATIONS :D :D :D ... you're lucky to be playing games together and enjoying )
  11. have you seen the video for the game ? it looks damn nice... i'm not a very big fan of MMO games .. maybe they should make the game and just call it D&D so that ppl who arent fans of D&D will buy it and think man.. nice ! LETS BUY MORE D&D STUFF !! ( and slowly become losers ) haha
  12. God Damn.... y'all remember the MC HAMMER **** dance he did... damn excellent
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen.. Dennis Presnell
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