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  1. Sign me up ... *lock AND load* :ph34r:
  2. Just redid my sig ... looks cleaner, and is within the pixelmax <_<
  3. Fun ok, but I can't say f*ck (refering to a certain parody ), so mature ? Oh well. New subdivisions look good too btw.
  4. Topic is hot apparantly ... oh well, will never pay monthly cost for a game anyway as long as I still study (and even then... ) so nothing for me.
  5. Didn't get the chance to read it but it did look very nice on the pics I must say. Well, if anyone knows about this game, post your wisdom
  6. I just had a mag in my hands in the shop, (Dutch one) and it had an article about D&D online coming in 2005, from ATARI ! Anyone knows anything about it ? And, wouldn't it be bad for NWN2 (certainly cause its also done by Atari and they may favour d&d online more for mp support) ... dunno
  7. While not official, if your looking for info theres are 2 stickied FAQ in the general forum. also my NWN2 News site has daily updates with compiled dev postings, interviews and the like. Hope this helps until a more perm solution is made. Also keep in mind the project is VERY early. There wouldnt be a lot of content for the devs to put up even if they had a 'full' site. If I recall bios site didnt go live until close to release. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't thing you recall right ... quite sure it was quite a bit before the game got released, although not much content.
  8. The NWN 1 site is fab imho. Could a dev respond if one would read this plz ? Thx.
  9. Whats the timetable for the website around these boards ? Any date for something more than that placeholder ? Just wondering. (Btw, I did use the search option, didn't find it). It's just that if you put some stuff online that will settle people down on certain subjects (cloaks, mouts, yadayada) that the boards won't get flooded with the same things all over again.
  10. Luckily ... and then you have those ppl that fall in neither category
  11. The question should have been 'practically possible' or something, atm it makes no sense. And there is a writing error in the polls (KOTOR 2 ain't released yet) Of course it's possible.
  12. Don't they think NWN2 to be important enough to even mention it ?
  13. True, the Bioware boards ... not really the best example <_< , then this is a refreshing change. Although, in this part of development, the devs still have hair, nails, a clean desk, ... Im sure that in 18 months some ppl will have pulled out their hair (or shaved it off due to losing a bet *g*), bitten of some nails and smashed the desk with a baseball bat, broadsword or substitution. Hmmm, perhaps my view of how it all goes in a company ain't exactly right. (thats why I asked for a daily screenshot from where the magic happens)
  14. excellent ... thx as they say, "patience is a virtue"
  15. If they could capture the atmosphere, fear and excitement, the thrill of it all of the original, no contest X-COM (Ufo-Enemy unknown)
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