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    I am the full time wife and uber-geek goddess to EnderWiggin. I like computers, Star Wars, movies, music, sports and long walks on the beach. I also like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
  1. Is there a connection? Am I really Volo?
  2. Maybe there are atleast 5 of us, but probably more.
  3. Our recovery room (and I think even the labor&delivery room) has WiFi. So we'll have pictures up before we even get home.
  4. Shameless bump and an update.... My induction is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 8! Woo!
  5. Don't underestimate my mad pregnant kung-fu skillz.
  6. But you'll be home in an hour and a half....so be careful.
  7. Jessica Simpson Paris Hilton ROMBER from last season's Amazing Race Sela Ward
  8. When will people learn to not get into debates with my husband? It's just not worth it people, trust me. You will be pwned. The only reason I ever attempt to debate an issue with him is the simple fact that I hold the power of the Wonder Twins. And I can banish him to the couch.
  9. College football starts on Saturday, so be fair warned, as that's going to be a dominate topic of conversation for Ender and I for the next few months.
  10. Oh happy days! Veto ceremony spoilers!
  11. In case anybody wanted to know who won the latest America's Choice...
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