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  1. I miss you, Kings. Ian Mcshane, Eamonn Walker, and a complex, realistic storyline. Great show, unfortunately too expensive and cerebral for mainstream. Plus the advertisements basically avoided the biblical connection that would have drawn in viewers.
  2. Methinks you misunderstood, though it is understandable given Volo left out a word. He was responding to the article linked in Zoraptor's post where 2 PC games were recorded as having beaten the game 28 times through Bioware's Big Brother game habits/feedback app.
  3. Though of course, there was the error where the ME2 DLC was put up for free on Live for a few hours before the game even came out.
  4. Your last sentence there concerning abolitionist motivation indicates the sentiment with which I (and I assume some of the other posters) have issues in your argument. I can't say this is what you intended, but I read your posts as equating all morality with Christianity and that all moral or egalitarian movements throughout Western history have arisen from Christian philosophy/belief. I will not deny that Judeo-Christian influences are heavy in Western Civilization (the extent and value of those influences are a separate issue), but it is ridiculous and frankly religiocentric to assume that a
  5. Yep, you're definitely not biased in the least. Obama may not have kept all his campaign promises, but at least he's trying to fix things. Which is more than can be said for Palin whose basic philosophy seems to boil down to the media (except Fox) is evil because they won't act as her propaganda agency and government is also evil, except when it is run by Republicans. Then it can do no wrong. Someone who felt the need to quit as governor of Alaska because of media pressure and gets facts wrong even when she writes them down ahead of time is in no way suited to national candicacy, much less the
  6. At least your conservatives are willing to negotiate. Bloody Republicans are more interested in actively obstructing any legislation that might improve the situation in the US before the November elections and thus negatively impact their chances to gain power.
  7. As usual with political movements, facts just get in the way of the message. How can you reasonably expect any group to promote their political agenda if they are forced to work without the propagandistic tools of fear, hatred, and ignorance? It's not as if common sense and truth has any real impact on the discussion. The sad thing is I'm not sure how much of that is truly sarcasm any longer. This attitude is the entire problem. Islamic terrorists represent Islam to the exact same extent the Inquisition represented Christianity or the Soviets represented Atheism. Which is to say,
  8. A pity I didn't see this sooner. Yes, Alienware make great computers, however, that is accompanied by a similarly great markup in price especially since being bought by Dell. A neat trick pulled by many of the major computer manufacturers is to markup the price then give you an instant discount of a few hundred dollars. You think you're getting a great deal, but that discount only offsets a portion of the initial price markup. At the moment, for my money, I'd recommend either a MSI GX740 (~$1400 US) or an ASUS G73JH (~$1500 US) for a gaming laptop, depending upon your price range and need
  9. As I understand it, there are two theoretical factors limiting the size of stars: 1) a pressure gradient formed by the radiation huge stars produce, which eventually would prevent any material being added to the star and 2) the amount of gas and dust physically present in the star's vicinity. In other words, a star can't grow beyond the amount of material available to it, but if it gets big enough, then its own radiation physically prevents it from going larger. My own astronomy is a little rusty, but, if I recall correctly, massive stars such as this follow the Type-II Supernova model wh
  10. His girlfriend most likely did alter the tapes to at least some extent, however, that doesn't clear Mel of all the other similar situations in which he has been. The numerous racist/anti-semitic rants (typically drunken, which likely indicates the truth of his sentiments - lowered inhibition) made when pulled over and extreme Christian rhetoric speak pretty clearly to his character regardless of this particular circumstance.
  11. Didn't they basically say that's exactly what they're doing? Though more Mass Effect 2.
  12. I believe what LadyCrimson is trying to say is that while yes, there are normal, well-adjusted people in Hollywood, people who want to be actors have to accept the possibility of fame/near-worship and constant media attention. Some will decide to go into the business of acting despite that, while others consider it another draw. At least some of this latter group are driven to seek attention. It is not that there are no normal actors, it is simply that there is a higher ratio of borderline, histrionic, and narcissistic personalities in the acting community compared to the general population. T
  13. A badly written form letter at that. There are at least 4 things wrong with this that I notice at first glance: 1) Any professional Western company will make sure to use proper English and sound like a business in their correspondence. Nothing says incompetence like an inability to speak/write intelligently and clearly. 2) The content of the email is very lacking. Saying simply hey we need employees, we'll pay this much tells you absolutely nothing about the company, the position, or its responsibilities. This strikes me as intentional as it is directly followed by a link to their we
  14. That's what I get for leaving for a few years. Anyway, any comment on the certitude and/or quantity of tyteness yet?
  15. Not summa, the censored word. It should have only three letters: c-u-m, as in summa c-u-m laude. Not four. I assumed the extra one was another m.
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