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  1. Anyone killed Nazeem? i hate him so much,more than cicero. PS:Why is magic so underpowered...
  2. I saw All Star Superman,Batman Redhood,The Green Mile and awful Blade Trinity.
  3. playing elder scrolls 4 and fallout new vegas,should be playing skyrim but gamestop doesnt have it ,it is sold out.
  4. Saw Aliens,Constantine,Batman Begins and a weird movie called From Beyond.
  5. Listening to Madeon pop culture and Children of the Elder God from Alan Wake soundtrack.
  6. Saw Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith still hate how mace windu died,and the clones obeying palpatine and doing order 66.
  7. playing champions online,dark sector ,popolous 3 the begining and goddamn hard demon souls .
  8. odin must love this great band.
  9. Watched on cinema Conan the barbarian 2011,i liked swarzenneger conan movies this not so much. Liked also captain america was a awesome movie ,but thor was better .
  10. alan wake was great best graphics ,story and music in a game. alan wake is very underrated.
  11. still playing champions online and yakuza 3 ,possibly will start playing prototype.
  12. gonna be an orc ,skyrim looking much better than oblivion .
  13. Playing Yakuza 3 for the first time ,its like shenmue spiritual sucessor.
  14. i will wait for dragon age 2 ultimate edition.
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