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  1. Anyone killed Nazeem? i hate him so much,more than cicero. PS:Why is magic so underpowered...
  2. I saw All Star Superman,Batman Redhood,The Green Mile and awful Blade Trinity.
  3. playing elder scrolls 4 and fallout new vegas,should be playing skyrim but gamestop doesnt have it ,it is sold out.
  4. Saw Aliens,Constantine,Batman Begins and a weird movie called From Beyond.
  5. Listening to Madeon pop culture and Children of the Elder God from Alan Wake soundtrack.
  6. Saw Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith still hate how mace windu died,and the clones obeying palpatine and doing order 66.
  7. playing champions online,dark sector ,popolous 3 the begining and goddamn hard demon souls .
  8. odin must love this great band.
  9. Watched on cinema Conan the barbarian 2011,i liked swarzenneger conan movies this not so much. Liked also captain america was a awesome movie ,but thor was better .
  10. alan wake was great best graphics ,story and music in a game. alan wake is very underrated.
  11. still playing champions online and yakuza 3 ,possibly will start playing prototype.
  12. gonna be an orc ,skyrim looking much better than oblivion .
  13. Playing Yakuza 3 for the first time ,its like shenmue spiritual sucessor.
  14. i will wait for dragon age 2 ultimate edition.
  15. Playing champions online a bit boring,joined 3 supergroups and made a supergroup,i was Red Ice level 28 character, made my nemesis then quit.Now im back but with a Boring Silver Archetype character ...
  16. Went to hospital with my mother for a surgical surgery for my mother she had cataract disease
  17. Saw Outlander,Predator 2,Swamp thing,From Beyond
  18. Playing two worlds 2 and i am very impressed with this game,only the ending boss is lame . Surprised anyone doesn t talk about this game.
  19. 4th playtrough of alpha protocol, also playing prey,the darkness and alan wake.
  20. Every day im saddenned by such weird and ignorant opinions. mass effect 2,elder scrolls oblivion,Fahenreit and shadow of the colossus are named with best story on games by http://listverse.com/2011/05/09/10-best-written-video-games/ (All with bad or non existent stories for me )
  21. thanks ,but what i did was ask sassan to summon monsters and i summoned creature and a ghost and just jump around avoiding the attacks,then used magic blast on razakel.
  22. game is great ,but anyone knows how to kill laiken and razakell ?(im level 17 dont have potions )
  23. Never played the witcher,sigh i have a old computer.
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