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    I enjoy programming and playing games. I am actually starting my own game developer, called Updraft Entertainment, and hope to secure a game with the Dungeons and Dragons liscense, and soon as i'm already working on my planning stages...i knwo its a farfetched goal, but I believe we can do it. Currently diligently at work on a NWN mod with my team, which will serve as a Prequel to the story of my gaem...it may ecompass mroe than one mod...but im not sure if its neccesary...
  1. no thread is ever dead til shut down by mods....
  2. Where do .pwk and .mdl files go in regards to the NWN program files folders...???
  3. Whoah - Obsidian has/had internships? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> when they were Black Isle... and they do have them i thought...
  4. As I am presently developing this, I figured I'd post this here, so anyone who has tips and tricks for the aurora toolset drop me a lline...I'll also be discussing the MOD, and perhaps giving screenshots every now and then... Devoloper's Diary (hahahahaha) I am presently working on all of the areas in my MOD...damn the aurora Toolset in the fact that areas have limited space....
  5. crazy!...and you're moving up into the design world of Monolith?
  6. that is really awesome, man, just thinking about getting older and working for the lead designer of KOTOR 2... gives me shivers...
  7. I use a template from a book i bought online called Programming Roleplaying Games with DirectX... it uses the Bible per type kind of thing... what do you do?
  8. yea, i've tried my hand at design docs too, time consuming, but fun...
  9. It definately does, as I am looking into Design, and I want to know what classes to take from here on out... and knowing what path to take helps me...
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