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  1. Don't know if any of the crew read the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Combat and tactics there some nice things in it to. Just a instance where a double team can function well together from it, a sword and board fighter holding the ones storming while a 2handed uses he range benefit with a polearms or spear to pose a threat for those who gets within spear range from getting stabbed, giving the sword and board some breathing space from some that might look for weaknesses otherwise up close to jab in past. Not sure why those options were never added into the pc games as it would give some worth
  2. Looks all over nice I think, there something a bit weird about the shadows however. 1st picture the shadows of one the cultist is cast backwards(up) while the objects around cast shadows downwards in a diagonal. 2nd thing there only one shadow cast on some them while there more than one light source around, usually light with give a strong clear shadow from the strongest light source and a slightly more dim from the second. But assume some of this has to do with it being a 2D most some of it, but don't know if your doing it or even if its possible but say for instance the avatar are 3D
  3. There some fixes guide to running Kotor 2 on vista under the Kotor 2 forums.
  4. Think i might be able to give you a bit help with it. 1. You need the latest patch i believe with a bit of search you can get it through Lucasarts database. 2. You need this file and follow the instructions and it will work(youd still get a few occasional crashes with Vista but then again vista has same problems with alot of other games). link: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.c...;85439x#1443935. Note this Vista fix only works with the latest patch so you need to get it through the Lucasarts database or by other means. Hope its of any help it works for mine so imag
  5. Anyone know what lightsaber move Darth serron uses in the movie(Dark Resurrection) is called where he puts the ligtsaber in the ground and sorta creates a shockwave like force energy wave, never seen that one before is it the famous Force earthquake thingy or what the hell its called one of the ancient sith lords used to kill his master with or something? Hey and if Obisdian crew is watching could we get for for kotor 3 is it happens to show up ^^
  6. Well they might end doing the exact opposite of their intention, i mean look at Darth Vader it was his visions that led Padme to die if he hadent been so obsessed with them she would properly still be alive and he would probaly still be a jedi and not a sith. But then i havent read much of the comixs so dont really know if its the case for this Zayne Carrick fellow or not. Personally id love for once to be a nobody that shows talents and become greater and unlocks more powerful abilities, Quick to master i think is the D&D term for that ^^ And hopefully more starwars i mean wi
  7. Havent started Motb yet working on getting a new character through NWN2 OC, also to remember things better from the OC in case there comes some story cookies tied with it in Motb. Think a way they might be able to make small talk in a sense where it doesnt have the same annoyence as in BG 2 where it did target pop ups mostly outside combat but dident always account for aggressors nearby that could agro during conversation, but might be possible for system to run a some hidden threat check for hostile and keep conversation to time tables where there hasent been combat for a certain amount o
  8. George lucas said at one point in a forum interview that there no powers in the force that inheritly dark or lightside, its how they used that determines what they are, think it was in relation to Luke skywalker using choke on the orcs at Jabba the huts hideout in return of the jedi think it was cant remember. But i think i balance personally my best view, a world cant truely be a unchaotic place without both good and evil, without a contrast things become a normality, a world without evil be a world of grey without light because everything we see wouldnt have a counter measure and we see
  9. Well bioware are officially recruiting people atm for a mmo game so there is a chance it could be Kotor online, but again i suppose one never really knows, but still strikes me odd if george lucas having most his assets tied in papers and bonds would throw on a wild shot of making indian jones computer game without knowing that the sequal indian jones 4 is i a success or not, but who knows he might surprise me.
  10. Well believe it had something to do with back when it was called Black isle studios they only had marked right on making games related to Baldur's gate as far as i understood, so its not supposed to have any relation to the BG trilogy, at least what i gather from what ive scooped on forums, it was only originally labeled that in order for them to have the rights to marked it using that title. Its why games was called stuff like baldur's gate: dark alliance... At least thats what i heard
  11. Assasins creed in PC version. And of non single player games i am really really looking forward to: Age of conan - hyberian age
  12. I wanna start of by saying this is in no way to be taken as heavy critique, as i find that Neverwinter 2 OC had alot of interesting characters, but after playing it through sometimes now i cant help but feel a more and more growing unhappiness with the lack of character depth, there alot of interesting character but i feel at times that its more a opion from them than actually a relationship or bonding. Take Qara as a example she is a girl who obviously think very fondly of her talent and herself in general i imagine she was raised a good deal more upperclass than a commoner, and i always
  13. Possible could be a mmorpg thou, Bioware made a thread to employ people for a mmorpg, since most the successful mmorpg that more or less being done to death mainly focus around already existing content, it wouldnt be a far off bet they might be making Kotor into mmorpg. Age of conan=focused on written material/conan comix books World of Warcraft=based on warcraft series Warhammer online= Focused on warhammer theme Lord of the ring online= Focused on J.R tolkien Nearly all those either very discussed or very played online games focused on already existing themes or storylini
  14. Think its close to either its a Kotor mmorpg or kotor3 or a new starwars product its pretty solid that they gonna be doing a new starwars universe game its confirmed by lucasarts more or less, check this link http://www.lucasarts.com/company/release/news20071030.html EDIT: shame thou if Obsidian arent gonna be doing kotor 3, thought kotor 2 was far better than kotor 1 i mean i thought there were alot more depths in kotor 2 than the first from bioware
  15. I hope to god its not true, not because i dont like Kotor series i love them, but a mmo would kill the great rp storylinies and eventually kill kotor series completely... Hate to be a skeptic but just look at how famous the Warcraft series been throughout the years, now with World of Warcraft its going down the slope, pvp is more or less dead or a joke, lore been violated aswell killing alot of it away, game challenge levels dropped down dramatically, its a grindfest, and not to say the least it has all become about end levels and all inbetween slowly becoming a barren wasteland. Now i
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