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  1. I pried the Ankarres Sapphire off Darth Sion's corpse. :ph34r: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i got the saphirre off of kavars corpse.......damn this random generator.......
  2. how do you get back to onderon on the ebon hawk? its always been locked for me.
  3. well she did say something about revan being like the heart of the force and how you were the death of the force. Which is stronger? who knows. That your more powerful line was probably just filler stuff to make you sound almighty. They did that "your the most powerful in the galaxy" stuff alot in kotor1 as well.
  4. i dont think you can. both times ive played the body disappears. the person who said he looted the corpse is either 1)mistaken and confusing nihilus with someone else or b)lying. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> although his body disappearing was a nice effect, it would have been nice if he left something behind like something titled "Nihilus' Dust" or something. Maybe have it disappear after his remains are opened up. And also, the only time i got dark jedi master robes were at the end. Would have been nice to find them ALL the time in some secret container on Korriban. This ra
  5. you can loot nihilus' corpse? everytime he dies all i get is some dialogue and then his body dissapears. did you mean scion instead?
  6. since when did eating crap and drinking pee have anything to do with turning disiple into a jedi? I didnt see that anywheres in the strategy guide. *flips pages*
  7. its back in the reactor room i believe. You activate all power and theres an option to open the high security door after that.
  8. I counted 5, 2 right off would be hk-47 and t3-m4. Theres also 3 others that make an appearance that were in your party but only one of the 3 actually joins. Unless we are talking outside of the party sort of thing.
  9. color wise viridian is pretty cool even though it gets boring after a while. Quinoxi is the best power crystal i have found. I usually just do a bunch of sidequests so my character can level up enough in skills to make the most powerful lightsaber parts. I think my last one was near instant kill to sith troopers it had an ultimate diatium energy cell, expert fencing emitter, pointite lens, a sapith crystal and quinoxi on it giving it a damage bonus of around 20-51 or something like that......was just a single blader too, when i put that in the double bladed ones it was even better.
  10. the robes ive found are just the green ones, the man do or whatever they are called apprentice robes, jedi-master robes and dark jedi-master robes.
  11. yeh im going to restart the game from telos right now. Figure i should save my games before completeing a sidequest and recieving the rewards. This random system might actually be an advantage over the same stuff everytime . I figured that since i read it as a cheat for NWN and that has the same random system as kotor2 it seems. I also realized this when i didnt get any jedi robes till nar shadaa in my first time through however i got padawan robes from the merchant on telos my second time through. I figure this might apply to atris' corpse so ill try that when i get around to killing he
  12. speaking of....i should probably start telos over again just for that reason. I havent gotten my hands on the silver crystal quite yet. But if you do that it should also work with corpses and containers. So if you save your game right before rummaging through a sith lord or jedi masters corpse, you can reload it until you get that special saber on them. This too might work with atris as it IS possible that YOUR saber is placed randomly on her corpse. If you save and reload its possible at some point you will find it on her.
  13. i dunno if any of you noticed this but if you save a game right before talking tio a merchant, you can talk to them. if their inventory isnt good enough, just simply reload the game and each time their inventory will be different.. I did this with the jedi salvager on dantooine and ended up with jedi master robes and an uber saber because of the changes in her inventory. so if you want a silver crystal, just reload constantly with the guy on telos and one will become available.....hope this helps!
  14. i got past all of that my problem comes up when im fighting the sith masters at the end of the level.
  15. Visas already is a jedi... but to make your other party members Jedi, you just have to talk to them as much as you can and gain influence with them, then eventually they will ask you to teach them the ways of the Force... On a sidenote, I was able to beat the tomb mission using Visas, Mira and Mandalore without too much trouble, because I had a couple lightsabers that Visas could use. To beat it with no one using lightsabers would seem to be pretty difficult... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hmm, i brought visas with 2 lightsabers, mandalore and bao the first time, i was dieing con
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