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  1. Visas: I got influence from her from refusing the extra 2000 from Saedhe (sp?) for the atmospheric sensors (took the 3000 instead of 5000; needed the LS points) on Dantooine.
  2. Okay, I'm either blind or I've found another glitch because I spent about 5 minutes searching EVERY room in that base and can not find a console to open that door. Do you have to get to the door before opening a console? Also, I could swear there was supposed to be a Lab Station on the Ebon Hawk in the medical room....
  3. So you have to check the same console? D*mn. Never thought of that. Thanks all!
  4. Hi all. I swear the first time I went through the Telos (Czerka) base, I found a console to open that military door right next to the shuttle/hangar. But the last two times I just can NOT find it. I've tried the one next to the hangar controls but all it allows is to turn off those d*mned gas vents. Where the deuce is the control panel???? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, that one was good one (Kreia describes it if she's in your group) and it is darkside only, but I think that's a mod crystal, not a color one...
  6. Huh--I didn't know about seeing it through her eyes. But I do know that yes, the PC can learn it from Visas (LS/Sentinal).
  7. Ha! I noticed that too! I didn't recognize the face so much, but the voice was an immediate, "Dang, I've heard this guy before...".
  8. Search the flophouse; it's a (very) short miniquest. At least I think that's the part you're looking for; I'm still missing the stabilizing fins or whatever....
  9. Thanks, I'll try that. I think I saw that but thought that was like the "Overload this console and kill yourself like an idiot" option in KotOR I.
  10. I liked the conversation with the Handmaiden; at some point she asks about whether Jedi are allowed to love (a little foreshadowing? I don't know yet. And don't tell me. ) and your responses are, "Well, it's against the code, but people do it", something else, and then "I believe the term is called, 'Pulling a Bindo.'" A nice KotOR I reference to boot.
  11. ...I can't figure out how to open the blasted Storage room in the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. The computer console doesn't do squat for me and I can't lightsabre the door (a new feature that I LOVE ). Anyone know what I'm missing?
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