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  1. Noticed people were wondering with it was ingame or not last not when I scrolled through the forums. I said it was the color of my blade when Atton asked my second time around and just bought it from Samhan Dobo on Telos(in the merchant shop, behind the wall) 240credits for it.
  2. Just finished my first time through, and I never got the plot twist to allow me to take a prestige class? I knew something happened when I was on the last planet and figured they wouldn't give it to me with only one level possibly attainable. So any idea where this plot twist occurs, I went to Dantoonie/Nar/Kor/Exun for my planet travels. Don't exactly remember the starting choices other than I was a double-bladed weilder. Really was going to change my entire play style..but guess I never got around to it.
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