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  1. hell yeah it is. Bioware sucks for rewarding people who can afford to pay for xbox live. Am I any less worthy b/c I had to whore myself out on the streets for 3 weeks just to save up enough cash to purhcase this game rather than having mommy and daddy just give me the cash for being a little ba5tard of a child??? NO. I earned my money, and dam1t, I deserve those crystals just as much as anyone. Go to HELL Bioware, you smug tyranical suns of b1tches!!!!!
  2. Sion is definately cool. However, for me Mira is a dissapointment. Although her clothing style fits her profile (bounty hunter), she, for me, is FAR from that attractive role she is supposed to be playing. I thought Bastalla was much more attractive.
  3. Sun Tzu, you are pissing me off with your added/beneficial information. I was content before today a55hole.
  4. son of a b1tch... so thats why. Well i am not paying that fee just to see a couple extra colors. Guess I'll have to wait for kotor2
  5. are you being serious, b/c i'd really like to know? I was really under the impression that there were only 5 colors in the first game... and i think it would be cool to find these new ones (if they really are there).
  6. all I want to know is: where in KotorI do you find an orange or a turquoise crystal for your lightsaber?
  7. Well time for me to go home and watch the tele ol chaps. Cherio!
  8. so you are trying to tell me now that in England "it is" is conjugated "its" instead of "it's"???????
  9. Look... all smart ass comments aside... all we are trying to say here is that you are utterly and completely 100% wrong on this. There is no ammount of arguing you can do that is going to dispute the fact that you ARE wrong. And for your own sake, you are only making yourself look more and more rediculously stupid with each of your posts. Just please admit you are wrong so I don't have to go to bed worrying tonight about whether or not I will ever be unfortunate enough to be on an interstate at the same time you are.
  10. You go into MS Word and type "Its a beautiful day" and word will correct you and change the word to "it's". But if you type "its good" is stays the same because that is 'it is' shorterned. Seriously... you are an f'n idiot. At school on Monday, in between nap time and recess be sure to ask your teacher if she can go over the conjugation rules again.
  11. gosh... where were you when they were writing the script for episode I or the title for episode III? Ratboy could have used your genius.
  12. hes right. the worlds wrong. Im certainly not right. Youre certainly not right wheelman. Only hes right.
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