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  1. Bao-Dur probably had the worst voice I've ever heard in any game ever... I'm not exaggerating either. The guy was a terrible actor, it was embarrassing at times. Plus at times you could barely hear him. It seriously sounded like they got some bum off the street and gave him a bit part in the game. I can't believe anybody would like his voice.
  2. I love the IDEA, but I thought the implementation was extremely weak. All the influence system did was essentially get more info out of your characters. Nothing really happened, the stories didn't evolve differently. The only things that changed were the little social "extras". It would have been nice if plots were to form from those influences. Maybe next time.
  3. A big resounding "no" for this one. MMORPGs right now are terrible excuses for games. There is no depth to any MMORPG right now, it's all about reward instead of substance. KOTOR on the other hand is all about depth with reward secondary. As long as MMORPGs don't have an engaging story and have no real depth, I won't be playing one. It CAN be done, but MMORPGs are in their infancy, and taking into account the cost, developers just aren't thinking outside the box, nobody is taking any big risks.
  4. Yeah, pretty good stuff. Nothing really memorable though.
  5. Do whatever you want, it's just a sheer sign of stupidity.
  6. What??? Did I say at all I have a problem with the game? I love some of the new ideas they're implementing, but unless they're executed properly they don't mean jack. Again, I haven't decided one way or the other, neither should you or anybody else until we actually play it.
  7. I'm hoping for more interaction with your fellow characters. I think there should be romance scenarios and you build up enemies or good friends from those characters and those relationships could decide how the game progresses. While KOTOR touched on some of these things I don't think it touched on them enough. I'm also hoping for more things to do, just more overall content. It would have been nice in KOTOR to join the Sith academy or to join a bounty hunters guild or something and it could take the game in a different direction. I guess the thing for me is I want more flexibility to
  8. Why wouldn't this game be awesome? Because Bioware is no longer making it and it's earliest due date for a game I've ever seen. That's not to say I think it's going to be a bad game, I think at worst it'll still be fun. But I'm certainly not going to make a judgement on it. But yes, people that complain just to complain suck.
  9. You're no better, you're already claiming it's an "awesome" game without playing it. People who make up their minds before playing a game are dumb, end of story.
  10. Why would you make this topic??? There is already a topic on the front page about having an apprentice. Then your topic is "what do you want to do in KOTR2" but then you give 3 options about having an apprentice. You're wasting space, be gone!
  11. Well one of the devs said the opposite, that you don't just wake up and all of a sudden forget where you are and stuff like you did in KOTR. I don't think we know enough about the actual plot to really comment about it.
  12. EXACTLY. If you want a way for your customers to be involved in the story and to actually care about the characters you need to have romance and a deep friendship scenario. Although it's not that important for me personally, I can't stress how much it adds to the overall gaming experience for the average user. I think if Obsidian excludes romance scenarios from their game they're really missing the boat. On that same note, certainly a romantic relationship should not be explored if you don't want to.
  13. Star Wars isn't my life.... * hugs Luke doll* Right Luke? But seriously, I've never purchased any EU items, don't know anything about them. I just love Star Wars because of the movies....well, the first 3 at least. I don't know, it's certainly too early to judge the quality of the art based on the view images we have seen, but I don't like what I'm seeing thus far. But it's obviously a matter of personal opinion....but my opinion just happens to be right....
  14. Because of the nature of the force, grey would be impossible in the Star Wars universe. That's the whole idea of Star Wars, Anakin was "grey" but the darkside was too powerful and he became a Dark Jedi. That's the very premise of Star Wars, if you have grey characters walking around it kind of defeats everything that was shown on screen.
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