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  1. I'm at the arena now, and so far, I've been using Legendary Strike on ghosts and Fortune's Favorite on just about everything else. I haven't encountered any truly challening foes so far. Combat has proven to be a bit shallow - basically all you need to do is know when to power strike and when to jump out of the way. Plus, your followers are basically useless in combat, so they're really only good for support. It's too bad the combat isn't as deep as the story or the dialogue - but there's always the next 20 hours or so of the game...
  2. Doom 3 isn't bad on the Xbox. It isn't great, but it isn't bad. It's just kind of boring. The controls are fine, and the graphics are even better. This is not a game to be judged based on ten minutes of gameplay. I had absolutely no complaints about how the game handled - but I did get sick of walking into a room and just waiting for something to crawl through a vent or materialize behind me. If you want to gripe about the Xbox version not looking as good as the PC version, fine, but don't say it's an unattractive game. It's the best looking game on the Xbox. There's virtually no compe
  3. Would you try addressing the point instead of looking for an excuse to whine about FOX?
  4. Could we possibly have any more knee-jerk reactions on this forum? I guess Jon Stewart is one of those white-listed celebrities now, just like Michael Moore and Maddox. All you guys would have to do to complete the fanatical ground-kisser image would be to start a cult, assuming you haven't already. I'm a Bush lover now? Are you trying to prove your ignorance or what? I make it very clear through my posts exactly where I stand. I'm not the one hosting a "comedy" show and making remarks like this: Stewart uses his show to cover up his partisanship, rather than having to defend his cre
  5. Indeed. The notion of one bringing his own religion into politics is unamerican, because this is a land of religious freedom, and since there are practically more Gods being worshipped out there than there are stars in the sky, by using yours for guidance you are exhibiting a sort of bias that discriminates against all who do not worship "your" God. This administration is the most theocratic that has been seen in a long time. I hate religion just as much as anyone else (probably even more), because it has the power to do exactly what it did in this election - lead people around by the coll
  6. Jon Stewart is just another Bush-hating moron. The only difference between him and any other Bush-hating moron is that he hosts a show that isn't funny. You can't attack his credibility, because he's just a comedian, yet he'll go on to someone else's show and attack theirs. I wish that news networks would hire some hosts who don't waste time pretending to be civil and who will slap morons like Jon Stewart back into their place. The ones we have now basically just sit there with their phony smiles pasted on while some jackass guest gets away with saying whatever he wants.
  7. Athletes being arrogant? Since when is that anything new? These days, baseball is just an excuse for people from different parts of the country to get on each other's nerves. I actually like the sport itself, and I do watch it on occasion, simply because it's exciting and it's one of the few games where both individual and team accomplishments are equally important and skill is actually required and not acquired by steroids (unless you're a designated hitter). The fans are what ruin it though. Remember what happened to that Cubs fan last year? That's ridiculous. I can't stand it when people a
  8. Tell that to Bernie Sanders...
  9. Someone once asked him if he was the best in the world, and he said "as long as the movies say so" (or something to that effect). The best fighter is probably in a monastery somewhere, breaking bones in mere sparring matches and healing through meditation. Still, no one in Hollywood has ever come close to matching Bruce Lee's physical stature and abilities. Hell, bodybuilders still can't figure out how he managed to get the sort of physique that he had. I haven't seen anyone kick a 300 pound bag to the ceiling recently either.
  10. I once destroyed an entire village with my bare hands. So what if it was made out of gingerbread? Aren't gingerbread folk supposed to be impossible to catch?
  11. Horrible post. I give that a 3.4 out of 10. Why don't you focus on the points that people make in their posts instead of the ones you write on scorecards? I don't agree with all of what Chemix said, mainly because I can't read most of it, but he is essentially right in that it is Lucas' property, and he has the right to do what he wants with it. You can accuse him of screwing over fans, but rich directors like him do that all the time. "Tough" is exactly the word that needs to be applied to this thread. Lucas will do as he pleases with the series, and if you don't approve, then don't g
  12. Wrong. I don't watch any sports. The concept of watching someone else play a game is something I have never understood. Sometimes it can be fun, but now it's just a bunch of overpaid, steroid-pumping idiots looking to puff up their egos. They won't be getting any of my money or time.
  13. Wrestling hasn't been worth watching for a long time. Now it's as bad as NASCAR, albeit a lot more violent. The only time either are exciting is when somebody gets hurt...
  14. Am I the only one who can see what's really going on here? The storm didn't kill that chair, it was murdered. Look at the other chair in the background. It's just sitting there passively, almost hidden behind the table, acting like it doesn't even know what's going on. This is insurance fraud. First Mr. Chair goes, then all of a sudden Mrs. Chair gets a hefty set of benefits and hooks up with a new friend on the other side of the table. Don't believe me? Check up on those chairs, I'll bet you anything that they had an umbrella plan...
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