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  1. I have to disagree. With Heal, Master Valor, Revitalize, and a couple others, my LS consular can do anything. Not b/c he deals out massive amounts of dmg but b/c you can't kill him. "
  2. A random note about Sion: The spelling S-i-o-n (to the nearest I can tell) orginates in Old English. You can then trace it back through Late Latin into Greek, and, finally, to Hebrew. It can be used as an alternate spelling of Zion. The only definition I found that did not refer to a Biblical place was: Noise, tumult. Which is interesting since tumult has the following definitions(among others): A disorderly commotion or disturbance, Agitation of the mind or emotions. Is this what the Devs meant? Perhaps. I don't claim to know their mind, but this is my $0.02 on what they might have been trying to convey.
  3. You get Hanharr the wookie by being evil. You recieve Disciple for being a female PC.
  4. Really? Now, personally, I don't care much for either one of them over the other, but define the fight. Up close and personal? No doubt. However, consider an event in which she lays a lot of mines out and has her wrist launcher....well, "at hand". Trying to figure out which char is better is a matter of circumstance.
  5. Oh boy. By responding to this, Im going to open myself up to some serious flames. Especially if Im wrong. But, if I am, I want it to be known now that I'm only going on what I know. I could be wrong so don't take my word as the final authority on it. The color crystals that I've seen of the green variety are just that. Green and Viridian. The personal crystal turns black, but it doesn't affect lightsaber color to my knowledge. Thus, they have something that I haven't heard or seen. (And I have the Strat Guide and a few friends who are playing the game) Either that, or they were wrong. I'm not quite sure which, but I think it's obvious which I'm leaning toward.
  6. Questions like that aren't definite. You get one of them based on your alignment, but if you were given the opportunity to choose, the choice would need to be made on whether you need a "melee tank" in your party or a ranged fighter with some Demolitions experience. It's not a black and white question of who is better.
  7. Where does one obtain this 'special' modification? This, I have to see!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You can get it from Geeda when she's able to visit all of the planets in the "Trade Wars" quest.
  8. I realize that but Im going to go with what he said. I've checked the back of the Strat Guide and there is no mention of a black color crystal. In fact, there are no crystals I saw that looked black that weren't color crystals. The only close thing is the personal crystal, which, when you are fully DS, will glow intensely black or however they put it.
  9. Here you go: T3-M4: 3 Kreia: 3 Atton: 3 Bao-Dur 6 Handmaiden: 6 Mira: 6 Hanharr: 4 G0-T0: 4 HK-47: 6 Disciple: 6 Visas: 6 Mandalore: 6
  10. Use the line in dialogue: I hear your species is blind. How are you able to see?" when you have a very high influence. You get a successful answer and light/dark options. "When one endures, it gives hope to others--and themselves." "There is no gift in pain--except the gift of strength" Then use the question, "How do you see through the Force? You sound as if that Sight is lost to you." Your influence must be extremely high for Visas to answer with what you want to hear. Then you are awarded with Force Sight, +10 FP, and 500 XP.
  11. *cough*cough*weez*gag*cough* Oh gosh, excuse me. It appears to have kicked up again. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We can take up a collection to get you some medicine....
  12. Thank you. I'll pick up where you left off. G0-T0 is a droid who joins you party. He's a big, black floating sphere. Looks very interesting. I'll avoid the spoilers on his background, but here's a little about him: He was built for stealth exploration and ranged attacks. He has a droid scramble effect that will take out some of your mechanical opponents, and a personal cloaking field for stealth excursions. He can be used for mini-assassinations, that is, he can cloak and sneak up on someone in battle, but his adventuring skills are somewhat lacking. To maximize his potential, you should increase his INT so that he can become an item creator and workbench.
  13. Out of curiosity, why would your male Jedi master want to use her clothes?
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