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  1. Hmm...is that every third playthrough I wonder, or just completion of LS and DS? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's just a third play through. I have never played a DS toon, and still got the extra dialog from Atton and Handmadien. KingSnake.
  2. Yeah, something is fishy with them sensors... if ONLY you had a spikey headed tech genious around to help you slice them and see what's really going on... (to suttle a hint?) KingSnake.
  3. I've had both eating out of my hand by the end of the game. Visas gives me the whole, i love you, lets look at each other with the force, thing, and i've had handmaiden tell me her name and pledge her life to me. Both have cat fights over me on a regular basis, and i've influince each to maxium glowing light sight levels. To the point were the SHOULD get a light side bonus, but don't. I just don't think ANY romance can be followed to the, "kiss" level of KoToR 1. It just wasn't the focus of this game. It's hinted at, toyed with, but then left to your imanagion. KingSnake
  4. That skill doesn't work. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> seemed to work for me. if not, this game is hands down the buggiest game of all time. hope it's fixed for the pc release. but that still doesn't answer my question. and as for moving meditation, it to allows for you to refill you blue bar outside of battle. talk to t3, if your force is depleated, and he's got some damage, you repair him, and replinish your force. But you have to fully repair him, both computer and repair checks, to get this option. once you complete the last combinded repair, you gain a +1 to your wizdom, and can use moving medation. KingSnake.
  5. There's two. One your learn like, right at the start of the game. You see "bad" stuff is going to happen, and, your adviced to save. It's a power Kreia teaches you. It's like your first force power you ever learn. The second is learned from the handmadian, after your first duel. You able to say something like, "you seem to see my attacking before i use them..." basicly she can see the attacks comming. you can ask her to teach you how to do it. See says you are already doing it... and then comments about how if i'm doing it without knowing i'm doing it, then training me will make me super deadly. She then teaches you it. and says something like, now you fight as an Echuni does, in the future. That's BATTLE perconcintive. (or something like that.) it adds you wizdom bonus to your defencive bonus. The other is just called Perconcition. (if you can't tell, i can't spell.) There is a difference. And i'm wondering, since Females can't get the madien, can they somehow still learn this skill? I know the guy, the Disciple teachs you how to medite.. but i learned how to do that by working on T3.. and got a free wizdom point to boot. Is Disciple's medatition different/better then moving medatition i learn with T3? and if it isn't... are The female PC's just out of luck when it comes to the Battle Percog? KingSnake.
  6. Now, as a male, we get handmadian, and, as such, we can learn the amazing helpful "battle percongive" passive force power. Can a female pc learn this power somehow? And if not, do they get an equaly as useful power the males have no access too? Just wondering, my sister is playing a Female, almost the same build as mine, but he defence isn't any near mine, cause, i get like an extra +10 thanks to that power. (it add's your wisdom modifier too your defence. that plus dueling plus your jedi defence and dex bonus really adds up. ) Just wondering. KingSnake.
  7. I have noticed that, in this game, the quests are extreamlly sencitivy to order of opration. VERY VERY sencitive. One false step and the side quest your on is in the crapper. Even now, in my 5th time thur, i've still yet to figure out how to get the 2 excappiess on Talos to spawn... or how to get the Voggie the Hut quest topice to complete... I've also botched the Star Port visa quest, by waiting to long to hand out the vises... and countless others because, you have to do them before such and such a time, but after such and such.... I'm wondering if the dev's ment it that way, or if it's just another example of the games over all uber buggyness. But i belive it may be possilbe to get it back... it's just complacatied, and, as with other quests in this game, the more complacated the quest, the more options you have to brake it. I mean, it took me 4 play throughs and 3 topic messges here to figure out how to get Vas to teach me force sight.... and the whole reason i missed it the first 3 times is, you only get one shot at it, and it's a kind of obsucre dialog option you really have to be looking for to find. Heck my first two times asking about it, people though i was crasy. By the 3, people started finding it, and some brain storming was done. anyway. I think there's prolly a way. And if there isn't... i belive the WAS a way, but it got cut out, much like the hk 50 base... which is heavly hinted to in the game, but totally unfindable. And that my friends, SUCKS ROCKS. KingSnake. (I have a very strong love hate relashionship with this game right now. The PC verson had better be less buggy than this. This is boarding on completlly annoying. If i didn't like the feel of the game so much, i'd have returned it by now...)
  8. I noticed that, once i becamce a watchmen at lvl 15, i got Lightsaber focus for free... which is really cool to know, now if i play a Watchmen again, I know i can save a feat by waiting to upgrade my lightlsaber skills. What i'm wondering now is, is it the same for all other prestage classes? Or do they get different feats, maybe on gets Advanced Jedi defence or something like that... If anyone out there has class charts to help me plan my builds.. that be really helpful. Once i've beaten the game, I find the funnist aspect of the game is all in char design and building kick butt jedi... But i have found NO charts showing which feats we get for free and when we accually get a feat per level... any help will be much appreacited. KingSnake.
  9. My Jedi Weapon Master just kind of walks in the room and gives him a stern look... And he falls over dead.... i think they made the game alittle to easy... LoL. I think my fight went like this. *walk in* Sion" You can never defeat me." *Force Enlightment* Flurry (just once) Sion" I'm unkillable" *Force Enlightment* Flurry (just once) Sion"Damn man that hurt!" *Force Enlightment* Flurry (just once) Sion"ok you can stop now..." *Force Enlightment* Flurry (just once) *Sion runs off crying for his mommy* And that was on hard... KingSnake
  10. Bio is a tricky one. (well not really, you just have to use him unlike others who'll open up to you without ever having to leave the Hawk.) Just talking to him isn't enough. You accually have to use him, and get some influince that way. My first play through i couldn't change him to a jedi, or get any other dialoge then, "Yes, General?" That was it. The reason for that was i never used him. I got handmadien right after him, and Visas right after her, and well, that was that. Second time, i used him more, and gained influance for, saving a sick guy, letting him inspect my work on the air speeder... showing charity, ect, and his dialog options opened up, and i turned him into a Jedi rather quickly. Next time through i'm going to use him even more to see if i can get him to tell me more about that planet killing mechine he made on M5... As for Prestage, you need to be 15, have Visas in your party, and be maxxed out at eather the light or dark side. then talk to Kreia and your all set. KingSnake.
  11. I read somewhere it's a special color for Hight Def TV's and computer moniters... But It just looks orange to me. I got one off the Dead Jedi Chick in the cage, and one for completeing the Shrine in the cave on Korobon. After beating Reven's vision. It was a DBL saber. I accually it both times i played through. After beating reven each time, i got a bronze DBL saber. I think it's supposted to be Bastalis saber. May be different depending on who you answered your KoToR 1 questions, but i answered them the same each time, and got the saber each time. (LS Male Reven) KingSnake. (just adding my 2 cents.)
  12. Both loot and store bought items are randimized. It's different each play through. I got the light blue crystal this play through, by saving right before i went shoping at the duro's brothers shop on Telos, and reloading till i found a color i wanted. eventually Cyan came up. I bought it and life was good. be warned, i think that color is bugged. once i got it, and went to build my saber, it wouldn't allow me too. i accually had to by another color, yellow i think, build the saber, then switch out the stones. and i've notice that with that stone in my saber, my saber NEVER shuts off. NEVER. You've been warned. LoL. KingSnake.
  13. Hmm. I talked to her, got all them conversation options and no force sight... maybe it's got to do with the prestage class. Because after the end of our first conversation run, i was still just a sentenal, and i was awarded an awarness bonus... maybe had i been a Watchmen, i'd have been awarded Force Sight... Hmm. Anyone else care to comment on how they got force sight? Where a Perstage class at the time? KingSnake.
  14. off the top of my head. on telos, you have the option to fight the handmadiens. it's like 5 fights. goes from fighting one hand to hand, to fighting all 5 with everything you got. it can get tricky. Then, on the Hawk, you can fight / spar with Handmaden, if your a male that is. You strip down to your undies and do battle... You fight her like 3 times total at different point in the game to incress her influence, so long as you win. Then on the Moon, forget it's name... Duxan i think. You can fight in the Mandolorian fighting cicrle. some rules apply as the madiens, for the most part, you fight hand to hand or with swords, but your jedi powers are a no no until the last fight. KingSnake.
  15. No... i'm to manly for my own good and have a hard time playing a female lead... i just can't bring myself to ... flirt... with Carth. LOL. But i did find a Bastila message. :cool: Me and T3 are tight. KingSnake.
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