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  1. Stuff Was Left Out For Numerous Reasons. The time restrictions meant things, couldnot be completed, so they where never fully finished, so they were not included in the actual game,other stuff was left out because it did not make sense if left in, with the previous stuff being cut out.
  2. no but http://www.kotnr.com/ is maybe this is Knights Of The New Republic
  3. I like playing darkside, but i have to be nice to my party, they shoud remove lightside points just because your are nice to your friends.
  4. Well yes you could of said "personally I don't want to see/participate in it" but you said it's disgusting.
  5. There was a Lezbian option in KOTOR 1 (actually due to errors you could get her to "confess" her feelings if you were a male as well (if you did certain things)) and a bi female option in KOTOR 2. I would like to see "gay" romances for both males and females. But I think both Bioware and Obsidian were smart about it as they knew the main people who would be playing the games would be straight males, and they are more happy to accept "girl-on-girl" romancess than two males. But as a side note gay people do play the games, and so do alot of females, I think Star Wars and video games in gene
  6. KOTOR 2 rocks, the game is great and fun no bugs on xbox or on my pc, and the ending isnt that bad its nice to know what happens to party members, if we never found out about the missing content people wouldnt be complaining and would realise that the game is great
  7. hmpf... I think Juhani actually a heterosexual kathar female.... not bi,and definatly not gay lol <{POST_SNAPBACK}> actually she is a gay cathar, according to developer from bioware shes a lezbian cathar but some errors in scripting ment she was bi, and told the male revan she loved him too
  8. Kreia/Mira/Juhani (even though im male) smart, strong, pasionate but still kick anyones ass! p.s Is Juhani bi or gay?
  9. I hope it's KOTOR 3, KOTOR 2 was a great game.
  10. Originally there was going to be an option to redeem Kreia and make her lightside which in turn would make Atris Darth Traya. There must always be a Darth Traya
  11. actually he could be, he always said he didnt love the exile in the way Atton did like fancy her and stuff, they should of made him a male recruit aswell
  12. Your right there are some pretty ugly characters in the game, choosing sexuality would be cool i liked having Juhani as a Lezbian and Visas as Bi it was cool though would be cool having bi male. When playing as a female i had her constantly wearing Dancers outfit because she was my character and i wanted her to look her best and the dancers out fit was a slutty/sexy outfit, the games not sexist just fun. But all games are going to be aimed a bit more to straight men bcause they are major buyers, take a look at Bladurs Gate Dark Alliance have you seen the females underwear they looked cool, the
  13. Yes i ran round the outside until she stopped attacking and hid behind one of the pillars, heal myself, equip shields and wait for force points to go up then shock her from behind the pillar as much as you can
  14. How confusing is 2? 2 = to or too or two whateva the context of the scentence is
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