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  1. My biggest joy is seeing a good FPS engine merged with a deep well driven RPG ... but the only way it works is if the physics works ... something that MW and the entire M&M line suffered from.
  2. Where's Marvin dwarf? I have the one from the Lair on file here if you want - let me know and I can email it to you
  3. Well the physics engine could have ... well great game, but the physics continues to be a frustration ....
  4. Fionavar: From Guy Gavriel Kay's, The Fionavar Tapestry. I think I have used this nick now for ... 6 years? Maybe longer, but I think 6 is about right. Avatar ... Back to BIS and I think maybe even the original IPLY boards WAY BACK in the DAY I've been green so long, I don't even notice anymore.
  5. Well that is one of the reasons ... I personally chalk up to the cwaziness that is gecklingness
  6. I too was uanble to upload directly, so I ended using one of many that are online fwiiw
  7. Congratulations to all and I hope that this endeavour proves benficial for all! Peace.
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