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  1. My last reply here fergy.Your admins have plenty of control as it is.But only 1 enforces it.I've grown quit close to Fionavar over the last few weeks&he is one of the few that will remove a thread entirely.This admin has removed more women bashing threads than i can count So ladys if you have a problem fionavars your man. Again it is on the community to police there own.All it takes is a PM people.I understand some of your admins are noobs-Therefore you might want to think about recruiting some from the community-people that have experience with banning problem makers. :ph34r:
  2. Now to put this back on topic.No wonder there shutting it down.From the ceo side i can agree with him i got 40 idiots of my own to supervise and i just dont have the time to email everyone when i get home from work.This is why i trust my fellow college student(just a total sweetheart)attending PURDUE university to keep me in touch with whats going on. But being an old BIS member from the interplay days i hate to see you go again.No im not a fangirl and no i dont believe devs are gods.I have plenty of boyfriends that are programmers that drink get drunk fall down get back up and make the ne
  3. Driver version??I crashed with4.11&5.2 cats so i went back to 5.1 had no problems then with ctds anymore.I wonder if you guys arent downloading bad/corrupt drivers.See i get mine from an older ati site. Whats really bad is i ran kotor 1 unpatched just 2 weeks prior to k2 release ran fine just had only 1 crash.
  4. rofl@Damar Stiehl post. Hmm there still patching diablo2 5 years later and 10 patches later-so soon might be not in your lifetime.
  5. No people are going to flame and will be for the year at least.There are plenty of gamers that havent even bought this game yet.Dont forget all the people waiting for the 50$ price tag to drop to 20$.Just an IDEA though mainly for the forum admins and website designer.Instead of having flames posted in the spoilers,general discussion area, and pc and xbox tech self help forums.Why not make a section strictly for the disgruntled player.That way all the flames are controlled and kept in one area & you guys can delete it at the end of the year. Fiona i know your going to read this
  6. Well there are 2 other rpgs on the way if NWN2 isnt your cup of tea.TES 3 morrowind 4 and dragon age(from bio) are on the way.Guild wars will hold you over til 2006. WHY HAS OBSIDION NOT REPLIED TO ANY OF THIS? Because they f%&ked up and they know it.Besides rushed or not a game reflects its devs this is true for any game.
  7. Disappointed really let down.K2 wins the let down of the year game award.I dont even care about a patch anymore.
  8. It was way to easy i die more in kotor 1 than i did in 2.Matter fact i only died once on the first play through.The ai doesnt throw grenades etcetc.Uber jedi for me just sucked to really 900 fp is a bit much might as well use the god mode cheat.......
  9. Queens reward.At the end of the cut scene she says take these credits. and my thanks.Sorry i had 12000 when i started that fight and the same amount after that fight.Just a lil bug but one i noticed.
  10. This will never happen.Did you stop to think that hey if we change this then hey we have to go back and change every cutscene that features kreia or visas also. I want my patch now not in 3 months ...........der
  11. I think gotos space yacht would be fun to have(to bad it went boom)-of course with a couple of jacuzzis.
  12. Visas definetly .To bad they didnt give her more scripts. <_<
  13. try the 5.1 driver(the 29.8 mb package). Worked for me i never even got the 5.2 5.1 ran it fine after several ctds from 4.11 exactly where your at.
  14. Now to reallly RUB it in.K2 should be called the women strike back not return of the sith lords.
  15. One thing that bothered me was Kreia's invasion into Atton's mind to uncover his secret. Isn't this a form of rape? Yes it is its called adult content.Problem with it then dont let your kid play it. As far as women fighting in there underwear training is rigorous/tough/physically/mentally demanding even before a jedi gets her /his sabre.Go watch the empire strikes back again.A sabre doesnt make a jedi sorry.Women compete in martial arts today.Last night watched Muhammed alis daughter box.Guess what she 20-0 17 KO so HAHAHA. Im female-i didnt see alot of stereotyping.What i di
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