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  1. I just thought this was a very nice touch. In the new Star Wars game, Republic Commando, the super battle droids (those big muthas in EpII, not the rolling robots) will say certain things when they detect you and your men. One of the things they say is... "MEATBAGS DETECTED!" LOL HK-47... his chasis may have rusted away over the years and sold for scrap, but his homocidal spirit lives FOREVER!!! P.S. Here's another nice KOTOR add-in that I just found out... "Q: Is the guy who does the voice of Scorch the same guy that did the voice of Carth in KOTOR?? A: Yes, the actor who plays Scorch also played Carth in KOTOR. Interestingly enough, however, it wasn?t his role in KOTOR that won him the part. He submitted an audition with hundreds of others and he simply read it better than anyone else - a perfect blend of sarcasm and rogue-ish charm. He also was a great contrast to Jonathan David Cook, who?s deep, cutting voice was chosen for Sev. The actor?s name is Raphael Sbarge."
  2. Um, you shouldn't be able to get Disciple if you're a male. Only female players get him, while male players get the Handmaiden. Other than turning him into a Jedi Consular, you can also get him to teach you a meditation technique which adds to your force points.
  3. Thanks for the tip, but even with the 5.1 driver only, it still crashes. Thx!
  4. Catalyst 5.1 (29.1mb couldn't find the 29.8mb) - Nope (but thanks for the tip!)
  5. Some further attempts, but with no luck. Catalyst 4.11 - Nope Catalyst 4.12 - Nope Reinstall DirectX 9.3c - Nope Latest Bink player - Nope It almost looks like the game is trying to play a movie, but fails. After talking to the guide or walking to the Ebon Hawk, it cuts to a black screen (no load screen art or bar) and I can still move my cursor before it crashes.
  6. My specs... P4 1.6GHz 512MB RAM Raydeon 9800 Pro Catalyst 5.02 (with 4.11 openGL file in the KOTOR director) DirectX 9.3c Windows XP Soundblaster Audigy Nature of the problem... I get CTDed after returning to DXUN from Onderon when everyone starts to attack you and trying to return to the Ebon Hawk. I can't go with the guide and I can't walk there either. Both are CTDed. Tried to disable sound, various ini file fixes, uninstall, reinstall, low res, high res, etc. No joy. I cannot progress in the game unless I get back to the Ebon Hawk.
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