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  1. Yes I would. I'll never have enough of single-player RPG's.
  2. My team of choice is handmaiden+visas. Handmaiden+kreia is even more effective, but I hate the old hag.
  3. Thanks razor, your fix worked just great. GJ! sad note - I didn't encounter any bug or crash, the first time I played the game, before any patch was yet released. So bad.
  4. Well well well. It seems I've stumbles in this very same bug. So I tried loading my autosave, created before fighting the threee droids on the plateau. Now, the bug occurred again. So, I'm stuck in a loopy bug on Telos, in Atris' Academy. I can play the conversation with Atris over and over, gaining infinite light side or dark side points, and never getting my party free (actually, Bao lies in his cell, while Kreia and Atton are just standing in the main central hub: Atton has that 'cheat node' convo, Kreia doesn't even have a convo. Bao ain't even clickable). How fun. Any suggestion?
  5. Avtually, playing the game for the third time after a few months' break, I have to admit that I'm beginning to appreciate the plot and dialogues and storyline and stuff (or, whatever is left of such elements). A good game, from this PoV. YET, there still are lots of things which should be fixed (which we all know and which I'm not going into right now) to make it a GREAT game.
  6. For Yoda' sake, release it on DVD. -my 2 cents-
  7. Fine. I managed to (re)install the game without being prompted that pesky message. The trick was, I didn't switch application a single time (I often did, during my previous installation). Possibly, that's enough to fix the installation bug (however, possibly it's not).
  8. This exactly happens to me too. Whenever you are prompted that 'wrong volume' message, just put CD1 (play disc) into your drive, and press 'retry' (or 'ok'). Last time I installed the game, I got the message 3 times, and all the times I made it disappear feeding it CD1. Hope that works. - E D I T - + Note that this didn't happen at all the first time I installed the game upon its release, months ago. + Also note that I have just uninstalled the game due to the unbearable amount of crashing it was going thru (at random, but quite often: once every less-than-5-minutes), and am going to rei
  9. Because SW is about Jedi. Else, it's be just some futiristic, sci-fi western.
  10. I kinda agree, but I believe it hard for Ep3 to be worse than Ep1. Actually, I DO like Ep2 (not as much as 4,5,6 of course). About ST, TNG will always be my favourite, followed by the whole Kirk era. Anything released after TNG, I can't stand. But, in the very end, I must say it all comes down to personal taste.
  11. Musopticon and Reveilled, thanks for the linkz0r. -cheers-
  12. Cool, where to find that 1337 trailer?
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