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  1. I guess beating a CD with a flimsy stick would do a lot. <_<
  2. Give Anakin a few years without Obi-Wan right before Ep. III and I'd have to consider Anakin > all. Obi-Wan ruined everything, he took the man's legs! Honestly if you were to give everyone the same amount of time to prepare without wars and things I would go with Anakin. (But that's asking too much, isn't it? ) He WAS the chosen one.
  3. ****in 'nam. Those charlies ruined everything! No, I liked how everything turned out. I'm glad they did the first 3 last. I don't think they could've made Vader's scene at the end of Episode 3 so dramatic without current technology.
  4. I personally Lucas is lying when he said Star Wars was always about Anakin. I doubt that was his original plan. Luke was made to be way too big of a character for it to be about Anakin and his fall. If it was, they wouldn't have focused on Obi-Wan's quest to turn Luke into a Jedi, but Vader's plot to bring him to the dark side. The truth is 4-5-6 was about Luke no doubt. And they decided to turn it about Anakin in 1-2-3, which was a good idea. That's merely my personal opinion. If you want a movie that goes in more depth about Vader, they should make the old Shadows of the Empire game
  5. Chrono Trigger was what really threw me into the Final Fantasy scene and other Turn based RPGs. Other than that Mega Man X was what really got me into gaming in the first place.
  6. Don't mention DBZ unless you want these forums to be over-run with thousands of 6 year olds screaming KAMEHAMEHA. All I have to say; Tetsuo
  7. MVP - Larry Johnson. Holmes hurting himself was a blessing for the Chiefs, Johnson is on fire now that he's in the number one spot. 8 games straight of 100 yrds or more, comin out with at least 2 tds? The man is puttin up records. Though the team isn't doing exceptionally well, I think he ran the ball well against the Chargers, beings they ended the Colts season.
  8. I don't know if anyone suggested these, but they're older movies. Try Akira or Vampire Hunter D. Very good movies
  9. Where Navi turns green, have you tried looking for places to hook, or use other items that might reveal a path? As for the last prisoner, I'm not sure which ones you have so I say just go back through all of the rooms.
  10. I'm sure that the power of creating life wasn't necessarily a dark side feat. It was only discovered by Plagueis, and something like that, the Jedi would frown upon. The only reason why Anakin was so oblivious to Palpatine is because he was a childhood mentor. Anakin wasn't trained at the proper age so he was given such attachments. Would you turn away from someone that was a father figure to you as you were growing up?
  11. Hooded robes would've been good. Especially on some of the DS characters. <_<
  12. If LA desides to pull their heads out of their asses and confirm a KOTOR3. And Obsidian gets the part, all I say is. Don't set a release date for a LONG time.
  13. I was gonna watch 'Doom' the movie, but got told not to bother, because it's not too good... I saw a trailer for it, and thought the alien looked really funny in it. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, I saw the movie and it was great, so whoever your sources were has a bad taste in movies. They were probably comparing it to the game too much. And you can't compare movies made from games, to the games or you won't like them at all.
  14. This is a stupid topic to argue for two reasons. 1. Vader was a movie character and Malak was a video game character 2. Completely different time periods in the SW universe.
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