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  1. OBLIVION!!! trying to get onto GRAW but....OBLIVION!!!
  2. Dynasty era rule in china...never seen that before . I don't know, i think china missed its chance to change in the 80s with the soviets
  3. I predict i will not watch one game!
  4. I am afraid that won't be enough. The government spendings on border security in the past years have increased three fold only to see an increase in the number of illegal immigrants. Also Hades, if you check the numbers, a large portion (30~40%) of the illegal immigrants here are women and the majority of the illegals are family-oriented and hard-working people. Don't get the wrong impression that most of them are single men and are either gang members or drug dealers. Secondly, they do contribute positively to many industries here. I have no problem with cracking down on the criminals amo
  5. I'm all for a trade prop. For every immigrant that wants to come over the other country involved has to take all the pieces of crap we don't want in this country. No one outside the US should bitch about us wanting to police the world when we have to accomdiate so many of its freaking people. Or here is a thought why don't we just take over mexico and fix the freaking stink hole,oh i know why all the butt pirate mexicans will still want to live in california
  6. Now that isn't very nice. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> look at me i'm turning into hades :D . By E3 if i hear nothing i'm moving on, i'm to dam bored of talking about this game that will most likely not be made (at least in the relative future).
  7. glad to see everyone is still having fun talking about the same crap
  8. <_< great no news. I'm begining to believe this is never going to happen, oh well guess i have lego starwars 2 to look foward to...yeah
  9. wow don't mind the grammar, its time for bed
  10. it is a struggle, we have to here all the time how crappy are system is. The reason is just what you listed above, we focus on the morons and do nothings. When is a lost soul not worth saving anymore. I'm so sick of seeing these kids with no common sense or logic ruin schools and teachers that could do so much more then they are ALLOWED to do with these kids who are law suit hunters. I observe the culture of these students the rap or emo music, the attitude, the disrepect, and the utter waste of biomaterial and it sickens me. What pisses me off more is i have a lot of pride and i know the
  11. Another I hate about the US, minorities get too much benefits. Really. Mostly of these laws were put in place back in the 60s to prevent minorities from succeeding. There's a lot less racists now a days and if someone doesn't hire you or accept you, than you can always sue. Another thing, if you're in the top ten percent at your school you guaranteed to get into any state school. You could be in a school filled with druggies, it doesn't matter. The way I see it, is that it takes away other people's opportunity, people who have tried harder. Who do you think should get into UT(or your state
  12. US 1) the masses of fat, lazy, and crazy people that choke your sanity with cries of unjustice at every turn 2) every GOD DANG thing has to be FAIR!!! wtf people absoultes are for 5 yr olds not adults 3) We are taught Darwins tenets but are unable to let natural selection take its course 4) how many lawyers does one country need? 5) Everyone wants to be a minority or a women so they can Bit## more at the white heterosexual man and suck the country down the toliet of so called progress without addressing the real issues. 6) Everyone wants to be a dam celebrity, hence
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