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  1. The guy has a mutant thumb- I'd get that checked out/removed if I was you!
  2. You have never played V:TMB I take it. It uses the Source engine and is a very atmospheric (on the whole) rpg interrupted with what it hoped was going a dynamic combat system. In short combat sucks but it looks a hell of a lot better than KoTOR1&2, the rpg elements have much greater depth and it remains a monument to what could have been. The action in starwars films ahs always tended towards fast paced chaotic action, something inconsistent with the KoTOR games. Furthermore all the Jedi are dead at the end of KoTOR2 except the Exile and possibly Hanky (atton), Spanky (disciple) an
  3. Suggestion 1: Get rid of the stupid lame arsed glow sticks. They suck! Suggestion 2: bring back Bastila (without a lame arsed glow stick - see suggestion 1) Suggestion 3: Make the game much larger with more to explore and make it feel much more epic in scale rather than four or five formulaic planets as in the last one. Suggestion 4: Replace the character advancement system to make it far more customisable. (look at current mmorpgs for ideas perhaps) Suggestion 5: Consider leasing the new unreal 3 engine (is it no.3?) and making a hell of a fast paced shooter with lots of vehic
  4. What? No megadrive or saturn. How's about the handhelds? Gameboy, Lynx, PSP... Personally I started playing DA2 again recently (for a short while) and there is so much i hate about it. I dislike the graphics, the POV, the controls, most of the characters and their skills - Vhaidra is good but all the others starting ones wind me up (haven't played with Drizzt or the trenchcoated one, who has obviously just visited a brothel - hence his attire, to develop a serious dislike of them yet) and above all the repetitive missions and lack of any decent city setting such as those in BG, To
  5. Karka You are not particularly lucky - all the new content is for high level characters almost exclusively, furthermore things like skill purchase have shot through the roof. In short, you're b*ggered!
  6. Lets face it - making a game Xbox only is a good way to bugger up your sales. Halo and Halo2 are the only ones which have truly excelled as Xbox only releases. Big franchises can survive and flourish on single platforms, new ones can't. I wanted to see Unreal Championship 2 but they made that Xbox only and it's sales were unimpressive. maybe they will start taking the hint!
  7. The problem is that you are playing it 10 years too late. Fallout 1 was exceptional when it came out - decent graphics, funky gameplay and a great story! Now the first two are very dated whilst the novelty of the storyline has been eroded by the crappy sequels and various rival games that have "borrowed" heavily from its atmosphere and storyline.
  8. My understanding is that the "elite" (in the loosest possible sense!) gamers found and repeatedly abused an exploit which effectively enabled them to take down pretty much anything in the game without any need for tactics or skill. This seemed to be achieved by whole groups targeting the enemy's "mind" energy (don't really understand it myself as I never felt any desire to play SWG) which effectively stopped it from using skills etc. This was fixed by drastically altering the combat system and all the whingers quickly realised just how **** they actually were when they were not abusing the
  9. I P Nightly Rusty Bedsprings Ivor Bigun Hugh Janus
  10. Plus if Kreia dies then so does the exile and you would finish the game a whole lot quicker
  11. Anyway I consider the gay arsed light stick to equate directly with (Timmy) Mallet's mallet. They are both ****ty little concepts which should never have left the drawing board and which are about as dangerous as each other - though I admit that an inflatable mallet might inflict less damage than the broken glass from a neon strip light might, though that is a bit of a one trick pony. Once the light breaks you are left holding the shards, whilst the mallet can keep swinging until it connects with a sharp implement!
  12. Darth Malak. Face it people he couldn't even eat non-liquified food without the aid of machines.
  13. Well previously they only made FPS now they make melee combos too. Also how hard could it be? Bioware have already ****ed up with the bollox that was NWN!
  14. Did you find Yuthura Ban's boutique of sensual delight in Ajunta Pall's tomb? It rocks! "
  15. I think Epic (I stand corrected) should make it. They've just finished making Unreal Championship 2 which sounds like a great action game combining high speed melee and fire arm combat (and they are well acquainted with the various Unreal engines cos they made them)! KotOR could use a high speed upgrade just so long as Raiden, Scorpion and the rest of the MK posse don't turn up though. Selkath could though cos she looks sweet! My God you actually liked any of those characters? They are cliched as hell and very frustrating to play with. The only characters I like from KotOR one are Bas
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