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  1. I personal dont realy care that much about both but Attack animations are much more important to me then any death animations.
  2. Ohh my Good never, never ever!! I don't say I hate Action RPGs but they are just dumbed down RPGs many are not even RPGs in my opinion at all as the complet caractersystem is droped out and instead they just live from item hunting what can be fun for a vew hour but thats it for me. (I played trough Diablo 2 once and for Titan Quest I not even saw the end) If you play a combat tactical then do you realy want to fight for 50 turns? Its one thing if you bash 50 times on the mousebutton with a hit each second or so but if you think about each move then 50 turns get to long for a single fight! From a RPG point it means if your weapons hit for 1d10 what means 5.5 dmg in average with a party of 4 people the oponents must have over 1000 HP! I don't know a single Pen and Paper RPG that drags the fights for this long and where the player them self have a Hp to dmg ration that let them go on for this long for "just" a single fight.
  3. I want to play a Hero not Joe Average in a RPG and towards the end even powerfull Moster should fall with 7 hits or less. I absolut hate it if a fight goes on for more then 50 turns. Where is the fun if you fight the same enemy for half a hour or even longer?For me the story is important and not the fights related to the story. If a game have fights in it where I only can manage 1 fight in a half a hour or even longer then I consider it a extrem bad RPG game that wastes my time when I only manage this single fight during the time I could play the game on this day.
  4. For me it would be Morrowind because I love the charactersystem they used then and the Editor makes it easy to mod. Unless one also count the live simmulation/rpg Academagia as RPG then I have to chose this as it is my altime favorit.
  5. I would have loved to creat a epic item but that was simply out of reach for me. But otherwise I picked exactly what I wanted to have.
  6. I find it sad that dlux droped out, but I still want to say "Thank you for all the work you put into Osidian Order of Eternity" even if (s)he probably don't read this any more. Oh and thanks in advance for the people who took over the work here.
  7. The problem with "Insignificant enemies (peasants and kobolds that are e.g. more than 3 levels below your level): no XP. " is that when you have to fight trough such enemies it get extrem anoying very fast. To implement no xp from to low level encounters "gray enemys" never should attack you unless you attack first and some even run from you in fear. Also I still think a encounter should give exp no matter what way you use to solve it (if you simply sneak past them, fight them or use other ways to get past this obstacle like a bribe).
  8. Because I usual have music complet disabled in the games I play after the first hour or so thats why I usualy don't care for this part of a game. But if at all it should be at only a small group as anything biger was keept to the rich in a real medival setting.
  9. In my opinion would be by killing bosses contradict the efford of OE to also give non combat paths to reach the same goals.
  10. I allways thought that when there is Magic there will be for sure huge differences to the History of earth simply because the magic users have power in theyr hand that in some cases go even boyond what our curent technology can do and this already at times where bow and arrow is the most modern technology. Thats also the reason I think Misogyny and Dieases have no big role compared to earth history.
  11. I prefer to Save and reload any time I want to and one reason why I hate many older JRPGs is because of theyr savepoints and that I'm not able to save when I want to.
  12. I wonder why this hate against collectors edition exclusive Ingame things especial if they are just for visuals with no real game effect. And yes its about money, be happy that you can get more ingame content over all thanks to the people who think this small visual addon is wort extra money for them.
  13. When I think at Aggro mechanics I allways have to think towards "trains" in old Everquest where people try to flee but instead of geting away they get more and more oponents following them and in the end they and a lot of other players get killed. Or the Taunt ect. actions so that a tank can keep the agro in MMOs. Both things I hope to not see in singleplayer games. Thats why a clear No from me to this. But I'm all for it if there is some kind of more inteligent AI behind the inteligent opponents but there should be different AI reactions on the same situation depending on what race the opponent is and its stats.
  14. In P&P Rpgs I avoided to play Role Master (or other RPGs from ICE with that sytsem) as one single roll could criple or kill your char. If there are crippling longterm effects in this game I would either reload bevore the fight or where it happend and try again or reload and try if after I do something else to level up bevore I get back to try gain and if both dont work I will put the game frustarted away and probably don't ever toutch it again.
  15. In a world of Magic and Unnatural encounters I personal think healing magic and healing potions should be as common as the encounter that harm the health. So if there a Diseases then there are for sure some cure disease spells around and if there a poisons that there are also cure poison spells around. What means if you have a good healer in your party you usual sould not suffer for long from such status effects after the fight but if not you maybe even have to run to the neares Healer Hut to get healed.
  16. I vote for limited Ammo but would love to have Magical items that generate Ammo like a quiver of endless Flaming Arrows or such things.
  17. I'm happy with the special Forum Titles we got, if they give us anything extra beside this its a unexpected plus for me.
  18. I think of all Computer RPGs I ever played I spend the most time with Morrowind (I also played all main parts of The Elder Scrolls series but only played trough Daggerfall and Morrowind) followed by 3 MMORPGs and then probably NWN / NWN2 following. Sure I also played many Games based on AD&D or The Black Eye P&P rules and some with theyr own system like Arcanum but I never spend so much time with them as with the games mentioned above. Of the games special mentioned in the PE KS I never played any of the Fallout games as I didn't like the setting (and I also will never play this South Park game because of the setting).
  19. Player "Skill" from chosing the right tactics/strategy but all actions should be based on the skill of the chars and not any special skill of the player.
  20. I doubt in germany you can get a much bether awearnes of this game as gamestar (one of the bigest gamenewspages in germany) made a news out of nearly every update so fare and other big pc gaming webpages did the same. So unless one also want to target the people not using the internet to get informed your already at the limit.
  21. In my opinion the start the communication wasn't optimal and that they right now wait so long for publishing stretch goals past 2.3 Million also is something I personal think is not so optimal.
  22. As long ther are no notifications and no online function for achievements or both only optional (best disabled on default for gog version) I can live with achievements as I wouldn't see them. But in general I find the implementation of achievements that don't have a ingame function also a waste of resources for RPGs. Edit: Something like you got Guildmaster of Guild xyz or Honorable Member of City Xyz that actual is somthing I'm ok with as this are actual achievements with ingame related effect but they are bether put into something like achived titles. But the usual achievements like you have killed X number of oponent typ Y are something I absolut don't like.
  23. I personal prever to have some kind of Astral/Soul Energy bar that is drained by the spells you use and that constant regenerate. For very powerfull spells there even should be a seperate cooldown.
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