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  1. I'm very much in favor of things like this. I suspect there won't be quite as many incompatible companions given the small overall number of them, but I think a handful of quarreling pairs would add both realism and a more spontaneous feel to the game. I do agree that the player character should be able to smooth over conflicts...as long as it's not done by including some kind of Easy Mode persuade option like in Mass Effect 2. If there's going to be smoothing over, I think it should be done by the player character choosing dialogue options and having to figure out the best way to handle the s
  2. Sure. Part of NPCs being reactive means that they should have breaking points. I can imagine that out of eight people, there might be someone who's strongly devoted to the PC or maybe just a bit of a doormat. There might be someone else who's focused enough on a larger goal (whether it be some sort of cause or just a desire to be with a profitable adventuring company) to put up with a party leader who treats them badly or who regularly does things they find disagreeable. But that leaves six people, and I think they should have some sticking points that would make them leave the party. Whether
  3. I'm going to vote for the middle path. Like lots of others, I really enjoyed the feeling of traveling in BG1. There was lots of tense tiptoeing around, hoping I wouldn't bump into anything nasty until I found a safe place for my party to rest, which made it feel like a real adventure rather than a game. On the other hand, there were also some times in the game when I was listlessly wandering around searching for anything more entertaining than a routine fight with mundane enemies who dropped mostly useless items. I'd ideally like something with the adventuring feel, but that had quest-rich are
  4. Yes, nobody ever, ever comes to hate somebody they once loved. That's why divorce rates are so low. The game is still assuming that I once liked that sort of person. It's also assuming that my character isn't a young person who's never been in love or a celibate member of some religious group. And unless the scripting gets very involved, it's going to run into awkward territory. Will there be a love interest of both genders? Will the game accomodate players who design characters who aren't interested in the opposite sex? There are so many cool stories to tell. For me, this one isn'
  5. I don't expect to use the Adventurer's Hall. Icewind Dale is just not my style of game, and one of the reasons I like isometric RPGs is that they allow for big parties and more companion interaction. There are eight companions. I expect I'll like enough of them for two playthroughs, and since I finish games at a glacial rate, there will probably be some mod-created companions available by the time I've done that.
  6. I'm not a fan. I suppose it's fine enough when looting Kobold #1 or Barrel #2, and I also don't mind there being some random chance of being attacked by bandits if I choose a foolish place to rest. But I don't want random quest placement, because I've never seen that accomplished without having to remove the context that make a quest interesting. Likewise, I think that companions should either all be hanging out at the same tavern for quick and easy party building, or alternately (and preferably) placed around the world in locations that make sense for their characters. I do value replayab
  7. I believe the developers have said that the PE player character is just a victim of circumstance, and that they won't be dictating the player's background.
  8. Blank slate, please. I've played one too many games that saddled me with relatives and mentors. A premade, interactive family just doesn't mesh well with the archetype of a misanthropic hermit or a rambler who never stays in one place for a long time. It's also tricky if I don't like the assigned loved ones but am playing a character who's unlikely to be rude or cruel to others - "polite but distant" or "only sees family at biannual holiday celebration" generally aren't among the dialogue options. I used to be fairly tolerant of the young orphan background as long as it let me shed my gua
  9. I'm mildly pro-romance (less intrusive BGII-style ones, not overblown DA2 ones), but a player family just seems like it's a step in the wrong direction. I'm not going to make the resources argument. We all have features beyond the barebones RPG experience that we want, and I think we all have our reasons for why the ones we like should be included instead of the ones we'd just ignore or skip over. A somewhat different objection I have is that having a player family takes the emphasis off of adventuring and the main storyline. I'm not under the impression that this is meant to be a home bas
  10. I'm sure they'll provide support and patching. They already have an expansion in the works, and from what it sounds like, they're hoping to turn this into a franchise and make other games in this setting. Do you think they're foolish enough to risk the goodwill they've earned with their Kickstarter by releasing a product and then not fixing criticalbugs? This is the sort of niche product where fan happiness and word of mouth are crucial, and there's no third party to point fingers at. I'm pretty confident they'll do right by their customers.
  11. I used to be in favor of all companions gaining equal experience, but I've gotten increasingly tired of the holding tank mentality. There was something to be said for the BG/BGII experience where I might be able to have someone tag along for a quest, but had to have pretty firm ideas about who was in my regular party. I think it made me a little more invested in those characters, and it certainly made it easier to be cruel to or kill characters who my character didn't like much. (And I don't even think of refraining from doing so as powergaming. If it's possible to take people along, let them
  12. My point is that if you keep saying fewer is okay it may get to such an extreme conclusion with time (after all DA: O had 3 races, a lot less than the D&D games that came before it, and then DA2 had 1). I'm not saying we should have so many choices for races that we have to scroll for hours to get through them all, just that more choice isn't always a bad thing. MotB had quite a number of races and subraces to choose from and it was a great game. And of course I'm pushing for half-breeds because I like playing them myself and we've already got the standard humans, elves, dwarves, gnome-ins
  13. I don't want to be forced to do a 30+ hour sidequest in a row without break just because I chose "expert"... Oh, I can certainly understand that. But it is just a difficulty mode. If it's really too much, you can just turn it down to easy when you approach one of the usual exit points and decide you've had enough of this for awhile. (And, yeah, I realize that's not perfect either because people feel a little uncomfortable briefly changing their difficulty settings to get around annoying issues. It just seems like a somewhat workable compromise between people who really want the opti
  14. I wouldn't it mind that being a trigger for characters who joined the party as mercenaries and who had assertive personalities, but that's not an appropriate response for all companions. Just using some BGII personalities, a Keldorn type who joined the quest because he thought it was the right thing to do would likely be too honorable to demand money from or attack someone who decided he wasn't the best man for the job. A weak character like Aerie would be more likely to cry. Someone like Nalia might be perfectly happy to leave as long as her own quest had been taken care of. As most character
  15. For me it comes down to choice and variety. I expect to be able to play a female character without dressing her in extremely revealing armor. I'm fine if some items of that type exist, since I recognize many players enjoy them, but I expect there to be stat and level appropriate alternatives. NPC #2 might enjoy using nudity as a distraction, but that doesn't mean my character does. When it comes to other in game characters, I'm ok with some revealing outfits, even in situations where they don't seem very realistic. All I'd ask is that there be a variety of portrayals and that the game also
  16. I don't mind inequality in particular quests as long as things average out roughly the same over an entire area, or an entire act. There will always be people who powergame at every opportunity, and if someone wants to play with a guide that tells them which response yields the most experience, so be it. If they're bored by the end of the game because they've bought everything that's for sale and all of the fights seem easy, that's the result of their choices. My main concern is making sure that people who pick what appear to be reasonable character archetypes (the physically strong bu
  17. The third option sounds right to me. I do like being able to loot weapons and armor from my foes. It's especially rewarding to get my first set of decent gear at the beginning of the game, and to loot awesome, powerful pieces from tough enemies toward the end of the game. But that feels the most meaningful if the drops are connected to the enemy. If I kill the Black Knight of Doom, I want to be able to get some black armor or a doomsword or something of that sort. If I kill a basilisk, I'd rather it drop some sort of scale or hide that could be used for crafting.
  18. just out of curiosity, what if they were variable in how they played out? That would make it worse, in my book, because then I might feel like I need to do the boring repeatable content to avoid being underleveled. I'd rather the game encourage me to go new places, talk to new people, and learn new things. Even without monster XP, it could still do that with exploration or conversation XP, and I find that to be substantially more interesting.
  19. Given that there are only 8 companions and that one of the backer rewards was being able to include a portrait in the game, I think it's safe to say that there will be non-NPC portraits available. There aren't many times that I criticize BG or BGII, but this will be one of them: that was a terrible design decision and made me really annoyed until I figured out how to import third party portraits.
  20. I'm curious how the ceremonial marriage idea works. Does the couple in question decide not to have children, or is there an arrangement where one or both has a child with someone from their own species and then they raise it together? Or perhaps there's some form of group marriage, two elves and two humans?
  21. I enjoy some fetch quests, especially when they're used as ways to point me toward other content. I'm up for some amount of exploration, but I don't want to have to stumble over everything by accident. Sometimes wandering in the wilderness gets old and I'd like to head over to the nearest village or dungeon. Aside from accidental discovery, the other way games seem to point players to content is "go talk to..." quests. Those have their place, but only if my contact actually has anything interesting to say. If all I'm going to get is, "Hey, why don't you help out the villagers around here?"
  22. The PC should not be raped, not sure where anybody got that idea from. I don't think anybody wants the PC raped. Nor do I think having a companion be raped either (although, I do think if I am evil I should be able to sell of my companion to slaver or sacrifice them to dark being, or use them in a ritual to give myself immortality..etc) However, I am for having gender references and characters being treated discriminatory or bonuses based on your gender and race in different situations. There are people who are in favor of that. I'm a little more neutral on the subject of companio
  23. I do hope they leave spiders out or make them only a minor part of the game, but that's primarily because I think they're terribly dull and overused as stock enemies. I would hope that Project: Eternity would use something a little more unique and specific to its setting. In that same vein, while dragons are quite interesting from a combat perspective, they're also overused to the point of losing some of their power to awe. It would be nice if they were in the game, but used sparingly and in little hidden corners of the world, and if some other kind of mythological creature was more promin
  24. This seems like something that would work well with the difficulty settings. When playing on easy, there are a decent number of doors or portals available. If you want to play as an Expert, you find that the portals are no longer there or the doors are sealed off. I think that could end up working for players who want the challenge of managing their resources and trying to rest in a dangerous dungeon, without making things too punishing on new players who unwisely venture into an area their party isn't strong enough or well-equipped enough to manage. I'm definitely not a fan of the ide
  25. I'm kind of a masochist. I actually like the early stages of a game when I have no or very close to no equipment and need to scrounge around in some barrels or kill a couple of guards with a pocketknife.
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