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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Sarah. I was pretty quiet on the comments section, but I'm super excited about the game.
  2. What makes you think Avellone wants to write Biowarian romances? I don't know what his position is on romance/sex minigames, but I certainly don't think it can be assumed that he would want to write the game equivalent of romance novels or melodramatic soap opera stuff. I'd like to think that he would think it is as stupid and frivolous as those of us in the anti-romance faction and if that's the case I wouldn't go expecting some kind of well written romances. They'll probably just get some female staff member or intern to write them up. Surely MCA has more important things to write. A
  3. why should they come here and complain about a game they have no interest right now because there's no stretch goal advertising these features? and as i said before they want this game to become a huge success, which will be difficult if there're none other languages supported. they don't have to record the lines, just translate the text. nobody is able to foresee the impact on the pledging rates but this will eventually help to advertise it later on. Because they are interested in the game? If I only knew Spanish and had played the IE games and Obsidian's earlier titles in Spanish, I woul
  4. BG2's graphics have aged quite well. Granted, the sprites are less than beautiful, but the towns and the landscapes look much better to me now than many older games with 3D graphics. I think the "painted" look may end up being a little more durable than attempts at photorealism.
  5. Did you ever play multiplayer in Baldur's Gate? If not then you clearly don't know what people are asking for. This goes to everybody who's so vehemently opposed to multiplayer. NOBODY is asking for the crap we see in the likes of Mass Effect 3. I did, though only briefly because I strongly prefer Baldur's Gate when it's single player. While I adored that series, I suspect I would have preferred whatever else those development dollars could have purchased. These days, gaming audiences are also more vocal, and I do think that including a coop mode of that style will still end up in
  6. I'm mildly opposed, for purely selfish reasons. It seems that games that include coop play as anything more than a side feature end up getting a little warped by the needs of the, "I just want to burn off some steam and kill all the things with my buddies," crowd. Granted, there are plenty of groups who want to dig in and roleplay and engage in intense dialogue sequences, but there seem to be a lot of others who'd prefer a game go light on those features or make them optional, in favor of more combat. As someone whose preferences point in exactly the opposite direction, I'd rather not have any
  7. Tie between Baldur's Gate and Planescape: Torment - and, no, I'm not going to even try to pick which one is my favorite.
  8. I suppose I'm mildly in favor of them. I've enjoyed romances in other games, including two that are on the inspiration list for Project: Eternity. I think it would be possible for the game to include similar ones, which added content for those who enjoyed it but didn't suck the life out of the rest of the game the way that those in Dragon Age 2 tended to. But they do need to be written properly and to fit in with the rest of the game. If for whatever reason, no one on staff cares to write them or the characters who end up being companions don't end up being feasible candidates for romance,
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