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  1. I blame myself for the poor wording, because I, actually, agree with you Of course, interaction with the characters is, probably, the most important part of PS:T gameplay. What I meant to say is that the variety of choices in party composition was non-existent until the latter stages of the game, so it didn't really feel like you were choosing companions, but rather that the game was doing it for you. Mind you, the player was limited not only by the number of choices, but by availability of those choices as well. The companions arrived at certain plot points and some of those happened very la
  2. For me it tends to be: 1. A variety of choices when creating my character, both in terms of cosmetic choices and more meaningful ones that will affect how others react to me in game. 2. A varety of ways to express my character's personality. This can take the form of mutually exclusive quest lines or factions, but what's even more important is a good variety of dialogue options. I generally tend to play characters who are somewhere on the good end of the spectrum, so it's important to me that there be different ways of expressing personality (funny, snobby, idealistic, naive, and so on) b
  3. The Orlan Cipher...maybe just because I know a little more about his backstory than I do some of the characters who have names and portraits. Of the named ones, Sagani seems like she might be an interesting character.
  4. While this is true, its also not quite what I'm hoping for when I hear 'mature content.' HBO and Showtime have a habit of making shows (for HBO, Rome and Game of Thrones spring to mind) which are quite entertaining but are actually undermined by gratuitous sex and nudity. I have no problem with sex and nudity that feels natural and advances the plot. I get annoyed, however, when I feel like I'm being pandered to. If I want soft-core porn, I've got the Internet, guys. Only give me sex when the scene calls for sex, not to fit some kind of sex and nudity quota. Thankfully, I don't
  5. I am sorry, but I strongly disagree. I have heard and seen this argument before. Horrible thing happened to friend X(or themselves), we should not include or talk about it in media/games because they may relive or is reminded of the horrible moment. Do not think I am insensitive, I do feel for your friend and others like them. However, that is not a good enough reason to not include it. I know people who have been shot, were abused, are addicts, and many other horrible things to them. We might as well remove all that as well because it might traumatize them. No, I am sorry what happened
  6. I wouldn't be personally interested in it. That sort of thing is a relief in an MMO setting, but in a single-player game, I want my second playthrough to be harder rather than easier. That being said, I'm not necessarily against it so long as it doesn't change game balance.
  7. I'd rather the mature content be thematic, and based on the developer and the proposed game design and the intended audience, I think that's the most likely. I don't mind violence and sexual content as long as they're handled maturely, and I expect that P:E will have plenty of the former and some of the latter. But realistically speaking, the 2D graphics do kind of limit how in your face either kind of content can be and I don't think that either of those aspects would be what would earn the game an M rating or make it unappealing to publishers. I think what's more likely is that stories a
  8. It doesn't look like there are any rogues in the current lineup, and I think that's a class that should be represented among the eight companions. I wouldn't mind seeing a druid represented either - and that would be particularly the case if wizards aren't healers. I'm usually more of an "It's about the character!" person, but I do thik it's a good idea to have multiple representatives of major combat roles so that players who dislike or feel their character would disapprove of one healer have another option available beyond heading to the Adventurer's Hall.
  9. BGII. It's the game I've played the most times, is modable and has lots of exising mods, and generally offers replayability in the way many other RPGs don't. As much as I loved Planescape: Torment, I think that the defined protaganist would make me not want to have it as my only RPG ever. I've enjoyed exploring the story of The Nameless One and taking different directions with it, but there are some character types I enjoy playing that I can't fit into that storyline.
  10. That's an interesting idea. I was picturing a system more along the lines of characters in a particular region only having specific triggers from specific religions. For instance, that character and most people in that area follow God A, tolerate but have some stereotypes about God B, are hostile toward the worshippers of God C, and regard followers of other gods or non-believers with a more generic, "Oh, that's nice," or "Oh, that's kind of weird," reaction. If you go to another part of the world, people might be more familiar with God D or E and have stronger opinions on the matter.
  11. historically, you are incorrect. is more than a few malevolent gods in real world mythology that followers attempt to placate. sedna is a good example if you is wanting am example. ... am hesitant to mention as it no doubt will cause problems. is a good argument that the judeo-christian God were a creation of jewish scholars as kinda a metaphor for chaos of the universe. ever read some old testament stuff and wonder why G seemed like such a wanker? anywho... lots of malevolent gods in rl mythology who gots "worshipers." HA! Good Fun! I think my objection to "evil" gods a
  12. I'm strongly in favor of 2D portraits, with perhaps a 3D sprite in the inventory screen showing armor. I think portraits solve a lot of controversies and complaints about characters in the game being too ugly/pretty or too sexualized/prudish-looking. There are enough high-quality portrait sets available that most people should be able to find some that fit their preferences. Beyond that, I think 2D portraits are a nice way to get around the whole "hide helmet option" debate, since they let people equip appropriate protective gear without sacrificing the feeling of being able to see their chara
  13. I'm going to vote for some sort of third option. I think the game should be designed so that the average player won't feel the need to do dull or ridiculous things, but should allow the occasional neurotic to exploit if it really makes the game more enjoyable for that person. I don't think "save abuse" is really that much of a problem. There are already some natural restraints on it - reloading is dull and time-consuming, and most people seem to gravitate toward only doing it after relatively important failures (dying, the death of a companion, a failure to complete a challenge the player
  14. If they don't have the resources for those extra 500 quests, I'd rather do without those 500 quests than see them replaced with 20 repeatable ones. Those work well enough in MMOs, but they tend to be unbalancing in single-player games. To the extent they're included, I'd rather that only the first bundle of wolf pelts is rewarded with XP. If someone wants to go kill every wolf in the world, the subsequent turn ins should only be rewarded with money.
  15. That sounds completely delightful. Aside from just being a very charming concept, I appreciate that there's a distinction between a character's class and that person's job or role in society. The two should certainly relate to each other, but I like that magic users might think less-obvious ways to use their talents and that they're not all just sitting around in wizardly colleges.
  16. I don't like them either, but there isn't Only One Way to solve this problem. They could just NOT have the NPC come over all "please hurry hurry!" at you, but instead present a level of urgency in the dialog that reflects the ACTUAL level of urgency. I don't care which way they go, I just want them to be consistent with whichever one they pick. If there's no time limit, don't yell at us to hurry. This will also have the effect that if there IS a time limit, you'll be able to TELL without them beating you over the head with it. You won't get a situation where some invisible timer starts bu
  17. Story. If I had to choose between some sort of pure dialoogue roleplaying game and an old fashioned dungeon crawler, I'd definitely opt for the first one. In a game like Project Eternity that's presumably going to have both combat and story, the two can sometimes intertwine, though. Combat roles should inform character development, and battles should feel like they proceed naturally from the story and aren't just stuck in there to give the player something to kill.
  18. I enjoy odd characters, but I wouldn't want as many as show up in Torment, since the planes were by their nature pretty odd. I think there's also a bit of difference between a game taking place in a universe most people already find quite familiar and one that's introducing a completely new setting. In the former, odd races and backgrounds can seem refreshing. In the latter, I think there's more groundwork to do in introducing players to the game's most common races. So I wouldn't mind one or perhaps two oddballs in the group of companions, but I wouldn't want them to be so common that there's
  19. I'm expecting that there will be at least some dialogues related to religion. The lore update indicates that some places outlaw the worship of certain gods. If you go singing the praises of Eothas in the Dyrwood or of Magran in Readceras, I'm assuming that there will be consequences. I don't think the game needs to be automatically sensitive to religious belief, though. It's not as if you can tell most people's religous beliefs at a glance, though I suppose people might stereotype them based on a character's chosen background. Generally, though, that seems like something that could be done
  20. I almost always start by playing a female human spellcaster of some sort. I'll probably try wizard first, since that seems to be a core class and might be a fun introduction to the magic system, though I'd be interested in trying cipher, chanter and possibly druid (that one would depend on the class's lore) in later playthroughs.
  21. I think it has the potential to be refreshing. I'd appreciate it if the difference between my first and second playthroughs wasn't that I took a completely different set of companions, but that I had one or two different ones and their presence in the party radically changed some of the banter, or that my player character made very different decisions and saw different dialogue from my companions as a result.
  22. I don't think it's likely to change the way that multimillion-dollar AAA titles are designed. A lot of PE's design decisions - starting with basic ones like not including multiplayer/coop and not doing a console port - are just not on the same page as what major publishers are doing, and I think it would need to sell exceedingly well for them to look to it for cues. I do think that it might be part of a vanguard of medium-budget games catering to audiences who aren't completely satisfied titles created by big publishers, but who also want a little more polish than can be found in many l
  23. That's over the top. One knight dies and becomes a god's right hand man? I prefer less epic, more relatable storylines, honestly. To be fair, Keldorn is a companion character and, well, a paladin. That sort of ending fits well with his character. Some of the other companions in the same game had more down to earth endings, and others were funny or a little sad.
  24. I'd like to see multiple, nuanced endings. There's nothing worse than having open-ended character creation, consequence-based gameplay, and then finding out that it finishes with a Successful Good Ending, a Successful Evil Ending and a Partial Failure Ending. I'm tolerant of that to some extent in games with a set protaganist, but if this is really supposed to be my character's story, I'd like to have a little more control over my destiny. Maybe I don't want to ride off into the sunset. Maybe I'm the sort of person who wants to retire back to my little farm, or to use my success to gain power
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