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  1. So that's where you step in and what matters to you, after all the many offensive things that have been said. Okay then.
  2. Everyone does go on side rants from time to time! But sometimes people let them go when they see others aren't enjoying them! And the next time I read observations on how things *are* I suspect I will annotate them with my stories of men who beg for cuckolding and strapons. I'm not saying that *all* men should *always* take on submissive roles *or else*, and I think assuming that is quite ludicrous. I seriously hope I don't come of as someone stupid enough to think in black and white. Nevertheless it is a trend worth noticing. But I'm going off rails again so let's leave it at that.
  3. Through the wonders of the internet, they are easily found by scrolling back to the last page. For easy identification, look for the picture of the cat! As I have mentioned before, my primary objection is to your "aside" earlier. I am not particularly enamored of your views of gender and gaming, but I think you have some reasonable and well-made points. I do think that some of them might be better condensed in a thread on that particular subject rather than spread out, but it's not a strong objection. The point where it became a problem with me was where you decided to devote a long paragraph to your views on what makes women who aren't video game characters happy. It's off topic. It's anecdotal. It's completely unnecessary to make any of your gaming related points. Every culture that's existed has had practices that weren't particularly conducive toward happiness. I don't think it would impede you from making any gaming-related arguments to leave observations about the way you think life should be lead in reality in 2017 to the side, or to the parts of the forum specifically dedicated to those discussions. I do it, and I think everyone here is the happier for not hearing my Daylight Saving Time rants.
  4. Since this would be similar to the audiences in Caed Nua (anyone else think sitting in the steward's lap was kinda weird?), I'd wager we have a good chance for this - could be really cool. How about an "intercept a plague ship" mission? I know, I know, this plays on Space Hulk / Dracula / Armageddon tropes, but it could make for a nice horror themed story. Yep, I loved the added stuff to Caed Nua. Plague ship could be a good way to enter the "big city" for the first time; having intercepted the ship and BURNED IT WITH FIRE, we could enter the city as a hero(with some enemies related to the burnt ship)...or quarter of the docks district dead cos of us not doing anything or being unsuccessful in out attempt I like that...and maybe to make it complicated, if you do BURN IT WITH FIRE, you get to run into a couple people who would have loved to have one of the passengers stagger to shore, plague and all. Maybe the ship carried a spy bearing a secret? A father of a small child who doesn't understand? Just a bunch of peasants whose illness would have cleared out the slums a merchant wanted to buy cheaply?
  5. How on earth am I behaving badly or treating others disrespectfully? I've merely criticized your behavior in polite language, as you've criticized others'. I've responded to an ongoing series of posts, as you have. I don't think disengagement here is necessary, but if you believe that it is, shouldn't it be you who ceases to respond? I am not interested in PMing you or anyone else on this forum. I wasn't referring to you specifically, perhaps I didn't clarify that well enough, but if you're not interested in having a discussion then don't keep talking. If me or my views are attacked and disputed, I am within my rights to defend them and I *will* respond. But why won't you respond to me specifically, rather than only engaging with people who are speaking in inflammatory ways and then complaining about them being inflammatory? I've set forth my criticisms of your behavior. (I don't know anything about you personally, and the substance of your views on non-fictional life are of no interest to me, as my standpoint is that it's irrelevant unless tightly tied to gaming concerns). It's fine enough to reserve the right to defend yourself, but if you do, it's a bit hypocritical to try to hush up the opposition by shooing them to non-responses and PMs.
  6. I'd like to see a bit of Kith vs. Nature conflict. Sea Monsters can definitely play into that, but it might be nice to have some scripted interactions where the player has to deal with rocks and waves and storms. I'm not going to expect an island with a cyclops boss, but I wouldn't exactly complain if we got one.
  7. How on earth am I behaving badly or treating others disrespectfully? I've merely criticized your behavior in polite language, as you've criticized others'. I've responded to an ongoing series of posts, as you have. I don't think disengagement here is necessary, but if you believe that it is, shouldn't it be you who ceases to respond? I am not interested in PMing you or anyone else on this forum.
  8. So, what about the bits of this that aren't a personal spat between the two of you? Katarack isn't the only one who's been irritated by your posting. Personally, I think it's one thing to post about gender and gaming. I'd much prefer it be in its own thread, rather than half the threads on the board, but gender and gaming at least has to do with games. When you start with asides about the place of men and women in modern, real life society, it veers far from the subject matter most people are here to discuss. I suspect it's fine by you if it's only you doing it and expressing your own views. Would you really want to frequent a gaming forum where dozens of other commenters were constantly sharing anecdotes about their friends in support of various social and political views, sidetracking conversations about mechanics and storylines, if the sidetracking views were ones in opposition to your own? Some of this seems more appropriate to another section of the forum, and some of the rest of it seems like it might be best if you started your own thread about it, where people who were interested in the topic could engage with it there.
  9. Come now, you could make your point somewhat more dispassionately . Can I give it a shot? I come here to talk about the game, not to read strangers' opinions about what career, relationship, and childbearing choices make people of my general group happy. Posts about gender and stats are at least somewhat relevant to the game. Several long digressions have not been, seem terribly out of place, and probably shut some people out of the conversation rather than advancing it.
  10. Time limits are the enemy of exploration. It just takes away an important element of the game, as I always feel like I have to blow through the plot without looking around. FO1 felt like that -- I couldn't just go randomly off somewhere, but had to constantly stay on mission. For me that ruined the experience, so I prefer to play it with the mod version that eliminates the time limit. They could add time limits as a game option, with a default of off, but then they would need to include failure consequences. . Time limits are also pretty brutal for gamers who aren't able to finish their first time through the game in a weeklong binge. I know it's more realistic when a character has to be on their toes at all times, but that does meet up with the reality of human gamers who have exams or business trips or sick kids. I don't mind time limits for a side quest or two, if they're explicit, but for the main path that's just punishing - especially since it wouldn't be clear how many saves back a player would need to go.
  11. Yeah, budgeting for MP requires you to get into the funny money range. I won't even pretend to know the tech requirements and so on of multiplayer, but but it seems like the amount of money being quoted couldn't even pay for an adequate team. Obsidian doesn't do multiplayer, so they'd need to hire people with experience in that. A quarter of a million dollars sounds like a ton of money, but once you divide that by a reasonable salary, that translates into a handful of people. That doesn't sound sufficient for a major, complicated feature.
  12. It also doesn't seem like a realistic budget for designing and testing both the arena and a matchmaking system for players.
  13. And this whole discussion is probably why we have camping supplies and random attacks and other imperfect mechanisms, as clunky as they can be. People are all over the map on this issue, and a lot of the options that veer in one direction or the other are more elegant but alienate large portions of the player base.
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